Ex-police dog keeps barking at tree

Ex-police dog keeps barking at tree

A dog may not have to chase a fleeing criminal, but he may not like getting tangled up in a tree, either. The police department of a small South Carolina town learned that the hard way after a former police dog was found mired in the leaves and branches of a dogwood tree.

"I was doing a routine patrol, saw a police unit, turned my unit around and met him in the intersection. I tried to push the brakes, but the next thing I knew I was rolling," sd Det. Robert White, a police officer in the small town of Easley. "He was struggling in the car, and I was pulling him out of the tree. I pulled him into the front seat, but I noticed he was bleeding and in real bad shape."

Det. White called for an ambulance to take him to a veterinarian. He was checked out and sent home.

"After the vet examination and all the treatment I was still shaking from it," he sd. "And there's just no way I could have done this without calling for an ambulance."

But Det. White had not had an unpleasant experience in his brief career. And he was just starting to get some recognition as a law-enforcement innovator.

"I've been doing this for 11 years," he sd. "I've used the canine unit and I've used the K-9 unit. When I got here they only had a female K-9. She's retired now."

Det. White, an experienced law-enforcement officer, was eager to use his K-9, Officer Janae.

"She is a really great K-9. She gets a lot of work done. She would be very good in another area. She's actually very good in traffic. She's a lot quicker than most and she is faster, not because of her weight but her trning," Det. White sd.

Officer Janae had received extensive trning for a special job. To become a K-9 officer, her handlers had to earn a bachelor's degree in animal science.

"She did her first trning with a drug dog at Auburn University," Det. White sd. "She got pretty good at sniffing out drugs."

Officer Janae's handler is a veteran of the K-9 unit, but Officer Janae had been chosen for her by a fellow officer.

"A female officer that was the acting chief of police, she heard that I wanted to try and become a K-9 handler," he sd. "And she brought Janae over to see if I would like her. So I had three female handlers on the female unit, a male and female. They all picked her out."

Officer Janae is an 11-year-old German Shepherd. Det. White sd he chose her because she had a lot of the attributes to become a successful K-9 officer.

"She's a very active dog," he sd. "She doesn't like to sit on the couch and she enjoys her job."

For now, Officer Janae has just a few days off a week. She and Det. White take her on long walks. They play a lot of ball and she's getting a lot of attention from the other K-9 handlers.

"It's like the dog whisperer," Det. White sd. "She's pretty good with dogs. She is really good with the dogs."

It's clear she enjoys what she is doing. Officer Janae can be a very playful dog and she is eager to show it off. She can easily keep up with the four officers on the K-9 unit and they have fun with her and she has fun with them.

"I think I may have to get a different dog in a couple of years," Det. White sd. "I think I'd like to have an Akita or a Doberman."

There are many dogs avlable to choose from. Right now, Officer Janae has a special place in her heart for this one.

"She kind of took to her right away," she sd. "She's been a pretty good dog and has helped me through some rough spots, as well. She's been a good dog for me."

Officer Janae will not have a better dog than her, at least as far as Det. White is concerned. She has been part of her department since 2000 and she is always good for a laugh.

"She's never been the type to do any hard work," Det. White sd. "She's always pretty good about it. She's pretty easy to trn. She's kind of always been like this."

For the officers, having a partner on the job is rewarding, and she doesn't need any trning to do her part.

"If I'm having a rough day and need to take it out on someone, I can just call her," she sd. "She comes in and gives me some good-natured licks, and if she needs a pat on the back, I give her a good-natured lick."

The dog-trning has made Officer Janae a better person, as well. She sd she used to hate her name. Now, she is happy to be recognized by her full name, in addition to her call sign, "Officer Janae."

"Now, my parents call me JoJo, and a lot of people know my name," she sd. "I'm happy and that's all that matters."

And she is happy to be there for her partner.

"It's fun having her around," she sd. "She's been in the department since she was a pup. We get along great."

Now, the two partners are ready for the next adventure, whatever that might be.

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