Two rivers dog park

Two rivers dog park

"Two Rivers Dog Park is a new community space for the people, by the people, and the dogs.”

The Two Rivers Dog Park is currently under construction at the corner of Two River and E. 33rd Street.

The City of Long Beach will be constructing the park on a vacant parcel of land. It is set to be finished sometime in November.

The City of Long Beach is currently considering options for future dog parks.

“We’re currently researching and working on those,” said Long Beach City Councilmember Dee Andrews. “We’re trying to find out more information on it and more information about it.”

Andrews said the city is currently seeking design and engineering plans, so that they can see if the park is suitable for dogs.

“If it is, we’ll see if the city is ready to fund the construction,” said Andrews.

The Two Rivers Dog Park is set to be completed around November.

“It’s a nice little park,” said dog owner David McLean. “It has a lot of grass and a lot of trees so it’s a nice place to bring the dogs.”

The park will be located at the corner of Two River and E. 33rd Street in Long Beach.

If you're interested in becoming a member of Two Rivers Dog Park, you can visit the website and apply online.


The two rivers dog park is not a city project. A group of citizens started it because there is a lot of dog waste on the sidewalks in the neighborhood. I'm glad that a park has been created. A dog park is a great place to exercise your dog. It keeps them active and it makes the people around them feel safe. I hope it does well!

This park is nothing but a new opportunity to dump your dog's feces on our city sidewalks. I hope that every Long Beach dog owner has the decency to use a bag. No one has ever seen you throw the feces in the trash, right? I wish these citizens would keep their dogs in the house like most responsible dog owners do. I also hope you don't live in Long Beach and can't afford a dog walker.

We live in North Long Beach so we never see the dogs in this park. There are plenty of sidewalks with enough room for a dog walker but we just don't see it. This park has some dogs and their owners walking around in the park and yes, there are people who throw their feces in the trash. The city should clean up this park for us and clean up the sidewalk. The owners of this park should get the city to pay for a dog walker to take the dogs to the beach or off leash areas for their owners to use. I am not asking the city to pay for a dog walker for me to take my dog to the beach or any other off leash area. I don't have the luxury of owning a dog walker. I work and can't afford it. It's a nice park but not a place where you should let your dog poop and get their feet dirty. This park is a waste of time and money for us. We never see anyone walking around in this park with a dog. I see people with leashes and I see people with a basket but no dog walker.

I've been told that the city does not pay for dog walkers for dogs off leash because of liability. If they pay for one person they have to pay for all, and since most dog owners are responsible, then they can't be expected to pay for more than one person.

I would love for there to be a dog park for my dog and my neighbors dog, but I know there isn't one. We have to walk around the dog's poop in the neighborhood which makes our kids uncomfortable and our neighbors are also uncomfortable with it. That is why we started an online petition to put a dog park there.

It would be nice to have a dog park where people and dogs can walk and play together.

To those who say the city should clean it up, I say, do it yourselves. Just walk and throw it in the trash.

My wife and I are dog owners and we love walking our dog in the neighborhood. The area around this park is very quiet and there are not many dogs to be seen or heard. You can hear people talking but they are not usually yelling, screaming, or screaming at their dogs. We feel that the area is very clean. However, if they did open it up for dogs, there are some owners who would come and throw their dog's poop in the trash because they can't take the dog to a park that is off leash. Also, the area is fenced in so there is no access to the beach or other areas that could be used off leash. If they are going to put a dog park there, they should be able to make it off leash so that people can use it.

Why are people so against a dog park? They don't think their dogs are any better than the other people's dogs. I have friends who live in the area. We go to the beach together to play. We go to the dog park together. We walk along the streets together. We share our kids. It is a wonderful community. We want to continue to have a good community where we all can enjoy each other. Why does a dog park need to be a city project? It should be a project by the citizens of Long Beach.

There is a lot of dog waste on the sidewalks in this neighborhood. My dog was walking on a leash because there are some people walking their dogs around the area that are very loud and sometimes bark. It is a nice neighborhood but it could use a park to play off leash so that our dogs can enjoy our community. I am a dog owner so I know how much it means to have a park to play in.

I am one of the residents who lives around this park and I support the idea. We would love to have a dog park here for our dog

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