Savannah cat retrieves cuddly toy like a pro

If this fiercely savannah cat is retrieving, a small cat toy is not for her. She prefers to take the biggest thing she can find and carry it cheerfully through the apartment ...

Most cat owners are happy if their cat retrieves at all, because that's not a matter of course. While most dogs do it by themselves, it is rare for house tigers. It is completely different with Savannah cats. The beautiful animals are usually enthusiastic from an early age to chase things and bring them back to their owner. Even cuddly toys, as you can see!

It is not only the passion for this game that the beautiful exotic woman shares with the dog. Their often very close ties to people and their social behavior are similar. The sociable Savannah should not be kept alone. She not only gets on well with fellow species, but often also with dogs.

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