Vera bradley cat pattern

Vera bradley cat pattern

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Vera bradley cat pattern

This page describes in detail a very simple but quite effective Vera Bradley pattern for a cute and very comfortable little girl's slipper.

The pattern measures just 2 inches wide and can be trimmed at the heel to make them size appropriate. The sole is made in the "Cat-nip" vinyl. In the tutorial video I am wearing brown, navy and gold-navy, just because I can! The pattern is for 5-7 year olds.

Cat-nip patterns are relatively small. There are only 20 or so cat-nip vinyls to use, so I'd recommend finding a pattern that fits you well, but still fits in with what you own. Don't go for it if it looks a little too big or too small. You'll only regret that later, if you make too small or too big a mistake!

1. Materials:

The instructions are for the blue/gray "Cat-nip" vinyl which measures 2" wide by 9 inches tall, however there are only 20 of these "Cat-nip" vinyls, so it may be worth checking around your local craft store for a more universal size (or size the template smaller if you like).

2. Instructions:

1. Cut out the pattern on the blue/gray "Cat-nip" vinyl, remembering that it is 2" wide by 9" tall. You will be cutting two (2) of each motif, so be sure to keep track of which motifs go where. Use the "Reverse Pattern Cut" function to get the back of the vinyl.

2. Print out this PDF document, and place the front of the vinyl pattern on the paper side (I usually print it out at the size I am cutting). Then trim the bottom and foot of the vinyl by about 2". Trim off the foot with the straight edges of your vinyl. I always like to keep the bottom two inches long.

3. Glue the "Cat-nip" vinyls onto the wood using the two-sided tape.

4. Decorate your project however you wish! I chose to give it a bit of a rustic touch with this old-looking chalkboard.

5. You are done!

You may find the instructions, and printable pattern, are helpful:

I just made a couple of cat tree branches to hang on the Christmas tree. I put up the lights around the tree and decided to give the tree a few presents. Since I only have 1 cat, I decided to make a little gift basket of cat treats. They are going to love it.

Here is the tutorial for the cat tree:

1. I got a couple of boxes from the Dollar Tree. (Dollar Tree has a huge section of items they call "Bargain-o-rama!" I think it is meant to imply that you get more for your money, but it really doesn't). Inside the boxes was a variety of cat toys, some of which I thought would be good for my cats to play with.

2. I looked for a box that was flat and would hold the treats nicely.

3. I opened each box and sorted through the toys, throwing out anything that looked too small or too big, or that would get too wet. Anything I didn't use I stuffed into the box.

4. I found a cute little box at Michaels that fit the box perfectly. I used the lid as a decorative covering.

5. I used the pattern for the patterned paper below to cut two pieces of cardboard.

6. I chose a pattern from a magazine and traced it onto the cardboard. I cut them out, and then I used a hole puncher to make 3 holes where the cat's paws would be.

7. The cardboard box will slide off, but I want the cats to be able to climb on and off. I attached a piece of duct tape along the opening where the cardboard fits into the box, then I wrapped duct tape around the edges of the cardboard, then I wrapped duct tape around the box to make the opening smaller.

8. Inside the box is a piece of burlap for the blanket, which the cats will love. I tied the box closed, and attached a piece of ribbon that went across the top of the box.

9. I attached the bottom of the box to the blanket, and then sewed a buttonhole on the end, which I would later slip the ribbon through to close the box.

10. The cardboard box has two pieces of fabric attached, to make the cat's tail. I used a strip of fabric that was cut into strips, and then I just sewed them on.

11. The blanket fits nicely on the box, and the cats love it.

12. I used a plastic container from a bag of dog treats to store the cat's toys, and to hide the mess.

Friday, May 9, 2016

I'm happy to be sharing a guest post today from my talented friend, Heather at Little Bird Designs!

I've had a hard time choosing a photo to share with you today for this post. Is it a photo of a cute kitten that would make any kitty cat mom happy? Is it an adorably cutie pie puppy? Or could it be a family photo with a cute little baby girl in the middle, surrounded by her sisters and brothers?

And then it hit me. My baby daughter is the picture that perfectly sums up my life.

My daughter is sweet, and kind and loving, and she is loved, and supported and spoiled, and I love her to death, and I am surrounded by this perfect family, and nothing could ever make me prouder.

So, yes, I'm choosing a photo of my daughter.

But, what could be a better way to spend my Friday afternoon than to see some photos from another mother's life? Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my life with you.

We are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic family. We live on one acre and raise our children in an international setting. I love anything outdoors, and love to share with friends and neighbors what it is like to live in America and raise our children in today’s world. I hope that you enjoy my stories, and would welcome you to follow my blog and share with your friends.

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