1 year in cat years

1 year in cat years?

I got my 6yr old female cat for a free-roaming cat, but she has shown me she's quite a lazy and spoiled one. So far, I'm not very impressed with her. But I still want to keep her. Should I consider training her to become a housecat or should I just let her be a lazy and spoiled cat and let her age?


I think a spoiled cat is one who is used to having its way. The best way to train it to obey you is to be the master. When it sees you as its master, it will want to follow you around. I have a few spoiled cats. I don't have the patience or the time to train them, so I put up with them. However, if you can train them and if you are patient, they will follow you around. As the owner, it is you who gives them their food, they want your food. The only way to train a spoiled cat to follow you around and eat what you give it is to give them their food on a spoon and then say, "I want to eat the food from the spoon, go get me the food." You train them like this for a few weeks, and they will start eating from the spoon. When they do, you can then make it a game to see how much they can get from the spoon. You start with just a few small bits of food from a spoon. You can keep going up until they get the idea, and then you can let them go for bigger pieces of food. At this point, the food is the only reason they want to follow you. If you keep up the game, they will want to do everything for you. They won't want to go outside, they'll want to be with you and eat from your hand. They'll become your best friends. So, that's how I train my spoiled cats. I'm not saying that it's easy, but it works. Good luck!


The first step for you to start is to get her used to your presence in the house. It is the best way to establish a relationship. Spend a lot of time in the home with her. Talk to her, pet her, do things for her. Show her affection.

At this point, it will be much easier for her to adjust to your commands.

The next step is to start getting her used to the house. Start out with a few treats so that she is aware of your presence. Once she's been in the house for a few months, then start to give her the freedom to go in and out, even if it is only for a few minutes. As you acclimate her to the house, you may need to spend an hour or two with her in the morning. If she starts to show signs of getting anxious (not wanting to eat) then back her off a bit, so she gets a couple of short walks around the house. Don't let her roam the entire house if she's still anxious, but keep her out of the laundry room, bathroom, etc. Once you start to feel comfortable with her in the house, then start to leave the door open so she can come and go as she pleases, but make sure that you close the door when you leave.

Eventually, once she's used to the house, you should start to give her a routine. When you're home, give her her food and then walk her outside for a couple of minutes so she gets used to the fresh air. Once she's used to the open space, go back inside and give her her food, and then let her out. As soon as she comes in, bring her in with you. As she gets used to the door, start to open and close it. Do the same with the bathroom door.

It's important to always keep your cat safe and secure. Make sure you have a secure home with a door they can easily get into and out of, so you can lock up the other parts of the house.

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