When cats vomit: what you can do

When cats vomit, their owners naturally want their pets to be well as soon as possible. What you can do depends on the cause of the symptoms of the disease, which, if they last longer, should be clarified by the veterinarian. When cats vomit, food and lots of water often help - Image: Shutterstock / Adam J

If cats vomit now and then after eating because your cat tends to snake, it helps to eat several small portions instead of many large portions. The cat food she receives should also always be fresh and warm to the room. Another common cause of vomiting is getting rid of swallowed hair when cats are changing their fur.

When cats vomit when changing fur: tips

If cats vomit and the change of fur is responsible, there is not much you can do about it, nor do you have to, because this cause is harmless. Nevertheless, you can ensure that the hairball formation remains small and is as uncomplicated as possible for the cat.

Malt pastes and nutritional supplements for changing hair, cat grass and a lot of brushing during this time support the four-legged friend and prevent frequent vomiting.

Worm treatments, diets and light food

If the veterinarian diagnoses a worm infestation as the cause of your cat's vomiting, a worming treatment is the right way to quickly get your cat better.

If no chronic illness is to blame and your room tiger is on the way to recovery after temporary symptoms of the illness, a 24-hour zero diet should first make sure that your sick kitten gets better soon in consultation with the veterinarian.

If you give her something to eat again too soon, she may develop food intolerance or allergies that would require a lifelong diet. Therefore, you should be careful not to give anything to the cat, even if she wants to.

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Slow changeover to normal feed

Then you can slowly start with food from the vet or home-cooked light food in small portions in the direction of a normal diet. Boiled rice, carrots, potatoes or chicken fillet (unseasoned) prepared in broth is now the right thing for your battered cat.

Please serve the gentle food always at room temperature and make sure that the cat drinks enough and the food is slowly changed over after improvement. The diet should remain healthy, e.g. herewith.

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