What wine goes with dog hr

What wine goes with dog hr?

As someone who has rescued dogs and even taken in dogs who have previously had dogs, the answer may surprise you.

We’ve all seen some of those pictures: dogs and cats all wrapped up in one another’s fur, like some sort of weird furry cocoon. Those pictures are usually a by-product of being outdoors: snow, rn, wind, or simply the outdoors itself causes fur to blow, drape, and wrap itself around other animals.

I remember one shelter I took in a few years ago, a small shelter in a small town, a shelter that didn’t even offer dog boarding. Anyway, one day when I was visiting, I counted a dozen or so dogs all wrapped up together. I remember asking the shelter manager what was going on. She told me that while her shelter is frly “pet friendly”, all of the dogs that enter the shelter are considered “feral” until they’ve had some time to acclimate to human companionship.

This is also true for dogs who have come out of homes that were “abandoned”, lost or stolen. These dogs have been living on their own for a very long time, and it can be really tough for them to break down those “fences” and move forward. The shelter manager at that time told me that some of these dogs had even been in that state of fur-wrapped-up-with-dogs status for six months to a year.

The real shock for me was when I was informed that the reason the dogs were all in one mass and wrapped up with one another was because that’s what they’d been living in. That’s one of the reasons I had them adopted out as soon as possible.

For some animals, especially if they’ve had prior exposure to humans or come from a home with people, they can be more nervous and even a little spooked when they come out of their shelter-wrapped-up-with-other-dogs state.

This is the case for my Shiba-inu girl.

She has definitely started off as “cautious” when I’m around. She really doesn’t understand the concept of just going over to me and letting me pet her. I can pet her head and she can enjoy it for about 30 seconds and then she’ll start to get that oh-so-neighborly look in her eyes, and get ready to move on.

As I’m doing this article, she has stopped for a bit and is looking up at me with her doggy smile.

That’s the kind of smile that lets me know that she’s comfortable with me right now, and that she’ll go on to a better life with a family who wants a sweet, but also serious, dog like her.

How many of you have had a dog you were planning on adopting go for a little look of concern when you put their collar on them? If you’ve ever been through this, I know you’ll relate.

Don’t worry.

It takes time.

She’s been through it twice now.

She’s already come a long way from that look of concern and is showing a good bit of confidence and trust. She has a few more lessons to learn, so I don’t want to hold my breath. I’ve already picked out a couple of families who fit her well, and I know that she’s a perfect match for them.

I always like to see a good, well-socialized dog out in the world having a good time. That’s one of the many reasons I write this blog – I’m just as much a dog lover as I am a mom. I know how important it is to show confidence in a dog.

To my two dogs, I love you, and I can’t wt for you to come home soon.

Until next time, don’t you dare ever say we didn’t warn you.


So much love. That’s all I’ve got for today. I’m not exactly sure what the plan is for the day, as I’m still at work.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not busy enjoying the end of the work week. I’m listening to podcasts, getting a few things taken care of around here, and enjoying a nice, long, lazy Saturday. It’s about time. It’s always about time. I’m not sure when things will return to normal, but I have fth that they will.

Thanks for reading today.

Oh! And here’s a few pictures from the past few days. It’s been a crazy time around here. I have a million pictures to share with you, and I’ll do so as soon as I have the chance.

Now, until next time… have a great day and thanks for being patient with me as I adjust to a new life in this new city. You’ll see the pictures eventually.

I feel like such a liar, just writing this, since I know my blog is only going to show one picture. It’s always the same. Every weekend I post something and think, “I need to do something different.”

This weekend, I feel like there’s only one thing to write about, and that’s the weekend. It’s a beautiful weekend for us right now. It’s cool, but it’s a bit cloudy. Nothing a big, comfy blanket won’t cure.

In between all this, we’ve been busy. We’ve been to the bank, done some shopping, worked on some projects, and now we’re sitting on our deck eating our lunch. It’s nice.

I’ve been doing some laundry, cooking, doing more organizing, getting rid of clutter, and just trying to get the house in order. It’s been a long week. I’ve been running on five hours of sleep for the past two nights. I’m going to get that eight hours in no problem though. I have to get up at 5:30am to get my work done.

It’s good to be home. I haven’t been back in a while, and I’m not about to be anywhere else. It’s my home. It’s the place I like to be, and it’s the place I want to be. I’m just glad it’s back to a normal schedule. We have to get up for work, then come home and eat lunch, so that’s two more hours after dinner. That’s just fine.

We also got all three of our dogs out for a walk. We walked on the beach, along the canal, and up the hill to get to the river. We’re not even sure what to call the river anymore. Sometimes it’s in the canal, sometimes it’s on the beach, and sometimes it’s on the top of the hill. We like it here though. It’s a bit like playing mini golf, but not at all like mini

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