Can dogs see phone screens

Can dogs see phone screens

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Can dogs see phone screens? The video above shows the answer, and then some.

The whole story comes from Dr. Steven Wise, a veterinarian and founder of the Pet Wellness Center at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Wise's company, Dog Sense LLC, specializes in dog vision, and he's a bit of a smarty-pants when it comes to the ways dogs and humans might get along. In the video above, he uses a phone to show that dogs are able to "see" both the phone screen and its owner's face.

The trick involves placing a piece of paper between the phone and the dog, while an owner makes eye contact with the dog. When the dog begins to move toward the paper, the owner must look away from the screen. At this point, the dog will either be able to see the screen or have moved on to the owner's eye contact, at which point the experiment is over.

The result seems to indicate that dogs can "see" the screen and respond to a human face, and that the more we have eye contact with a dog, the more likely they are to see us. That's definitely something to keep in mind when trying to trn a pet to your every beck and call. And as Wise says, if you ever need to do a screen test on your own dog, you might want to think about having a piece of paper in between you and the computer or phone.

The screen test works even better when the phone is upside down, too. I was told this from a previous owner of mine, so who knows if I would have noticed otherwise. Wise did note, however, that your dog might be more or less distracted by the phone, so don't hold a phone up for too long. Still, the video is pretty cool and should serve as another reminder of the bond between a dog and its human.

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