Does cat food expire

Does cat food expire?

Q:I found a contner with some tuna, mayo, and hot dogs.

The contner was opened and it's been sitting out for a week.

Does cat food expire? I bought it two days ago.


Yes, it expired. It had been opened and the seal broken.

It’s not the most critical issue. Your cat should have been eating the food. And if you had refrigerated it, it should have been safe for two or three days. In fact, if you hadn’t used it before and just stored it, then I would say that it was ok. In fact, I would probably keep it out. Your cat will eat anything when hungry. But you still don’t want her eating something that is expired. Your cat should be getting what she needs from the food that you feed her.


No, it will not expire.

In my opinion, cat food has a very long shelf life, and if it's properly stored and not opened, then the expiry date is meaningless.


Yes, it is good that you put it into the refrigerator, and I would consider refrigerating it for a couple of days, but only if you think your cat will eat it. I would not leave it out. If there is anything wrong, your cat may be the first to know.

The expiration date on cat food can actually be the date the packaging was manufactured, not the date the food is best before. It's usually not worth the time and effort to buy a new bag unless the food is completely expired.

If you are going to buy a new bag, don't buy more than you need. It's wasteful and you should only buy enough food that you expect to use. The rest of it is better left on the shelf, even if it is dated May of next year, and it could be there for a month or longer. If you're concerned that there may be an expiry date, open a new bag and test it out first. If there is no expiry date and the food is ok, you'll save money and space. If there is an expiry date and the food is expired, you may want to toss the whole bag.

I personally wouldn't buy anything over 2 years old, but agn, that's just my opinion. It's perfectly safe for your cat. If you are concerned, you could always put the cat food into the freezer to see if it changes the smell. If it doesn't, there is no problem.

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