Dog trning jacksonville nc

Dog trning jacksonville nc

dog trning jacksonville nc

A number of years ago my husband and I went to Jackson, Mississippi for a few weeks to work on an historical preservation project. While there, we were fortunate enough to experience the historic Mississippi State Fr - one of our first and always my favorite frs. The fr is held in Jackson every October - check out their web site for specific dates.

How to get to the frgrounds and from there to my house was a bit of a mystery to me. After a call to my husband to help me out, I discovered that you can get a free shuttle from the rport to the frgrounds (see the map at the Jackson website). That's when I realized that I'm actually a very cool married couple and not as clueless as I may have appeared to you. Also, did I mention that I am an adult child of the South who is just pln used to finding things out for myself?

We had not seen anyone in the parking lot for almost an hour when my husband recognized someone standing beside our car, which was in a shaded space. He waved and soon we were talking to the driver. He told us that the next shuttle would be at 4pm but it would cost us $3 each.

After hearing about our family vacation plans to Memphis and Nashville, he volunteered to pick us up at the fr and take us to the hotel, saving us the $3. Of course, he was not our original tour guide, he told us he knew of our plans to visit in October. While I thought that was a little strange, I was also curious to meet this very good looking young man.

As he talked, I got a little more excited about the adventure and the chance to see another part of the South I didn't know. He drove us to the fr, dropped us off at the frgrounds, pointed out the different buildings, even told us where our room was. He was in a hurry to leave for a trip, but wanted to see how far we were going and wished us luck.

As he drove away I thought, _Okay, someone is a good guy!_

We wted and wted for the shuttle. My husband and I decided to just keep walking until we found a suitable place to wt, maybe a nice tree would work for us. As we looked, we spotted a group of guys, including the driver from the frgrounds, watching us, so I asked them if they would watch our spot while we walked to our meeting point. They were willing to help.

In this new part of the frgrounds, I noticed there were not many other cars, just ours and maybe a couple more. The guy who had been our driver pulled a truck right up to us and sd, "Let me get your bags. You kids are okay." He told us there were only two other couples staying in the area. We watched him put our luggage on the tlgate, then he backed up to let us walk to the place he had picked out. We had our first problem—one we had never experienced before—we just didn't know where we were going. I could tell that this is not going to work, but we walked and walked and ended up in a large parking lot. As we were trying to figure out where we were going, someone walked up to us.

"What's wrong? Can I help you?" We had not seen anyone else in the area.

"Are you lost? We need to get back to our rooms."

"Oh, no. We are fine. We don't want to be any trouble. If you want we can stay here."

"Thank you," I sd, "but we are going to our meeting place, so we will need to get going."

"You have the time for me to take you?"

"Yes, thank you. We will be glad to get back."

This guy was unbelievable. He sd his name was John and he had three kids in high school. He was also a college graduate and a minister in the Presbyterian church. He sd he worked for the school in their mntenance department. We thought that was neat that he had such a job. We asked him how he got this job, and he told us that his family lived next door to one of the owners of the school. His older brother had been doing work on the school and Mr. and Mrs. D'Angelo had talked to him about being part of their mntenance crew. They had a part-time job that they thought would be fun. John sd they were pd by the job, which sounded pretty good. He wanted to go over to where he could pay them since they lived next door to him, but sd we could probably just meet them in the cafeteria. We could see the cafeteria was huge, with a bar in one corner, and a large round table in the center.

We took a few steps toward the cafeteria, when John stopped and turned to us.

"Let me show you something," he sd.

He led us to the other side of the gym and down a hallway to the boys' bathroom. We didn't know it but we had walked by a gym locker room. When we looked in, we saw twenty-five guys going through their changes, changing into basketball shorts and T-shirts. We knew that was the boys' locker room because the girls had their own separate locker room. We were looking in the men's restroom, and as we had never been in one of those before, I wasn't sure what to look for. I asked John about it and he told me to look for a big black guy in the middle of the room. I looked around the room and sure enough, there was a big guy standing on his end of the room. He had on a dark colored sleeveless shirt, and was watching the other men change.

"He's a pretty big dude, too," John sd, "with a tattoo on his arm."

John sd that this was the guy who took care of the weights and got everybody in the shape they needed for basketball.

"Can you tell how much he weighs?" I asked.

"No, I'm not sure about that, but he's like 6'6" or 7', and he's really heavy."

I couldn't believe it. The whole time we were playing with those boys, that one guy was watching us. I could not believe the size of that guy. I thought it was just going to be him, but he had all the kids looking at him. I don't think any of us really realized it until later on, but in the meantime, we had played with a group of boys that were all about one size.

As time went on, I became friends with this guy. He was always willing to play with me and other people in the group, whether he was in a good mood or in a bad mood. He was always nice to all of us.

I was talking to him one day, and told him about the incident. We were talking about how much his weight affected his performance. He looked at me and told me he had been through that. He went on to tell me how he had been in his high school weightlifting class, and how he was always the tallest and the heaviest in the class.

I think he was about 12 years old when he first took up weightlifting. He told me that he worked at a grocery store. That the owner of the grocery store was so nice to him that he allowed him to work at the store after hours, even when he didn't work, just so he could be around the gym. He told me how much

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