Frankenweenie girl with cat

Frankenweenie girl with cat

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Frankenweenie girl with cat eyes

by cathy


When in the morning a shadow

Came creeping across the lawn

His first thought was that he would have his

Mighty heart-shaped machine-gun

And send it winging, winging

Away across the lawn

In the shadow of the tree

Then as he turned his head

There was a shadow, creeping, creeping

Up behind him on the ground.

He couldn't see her, but she knew

She was the enemy

And with a scream she began

To crawl, crawl, crawl

She knew her chance was gone

With the heart-shaped machine-gun

But then the shadow turned

And she saw the eyes

A pr of eyes in a cat's head

Piercing, blazing, burning

Through the shadow, creeping, creeping

Into the boy

With a frightful scream

She threw out her heart

Then she died.

Frankenstein, the original was quite a

bit different

He had already built the head

And even had the clothes, and when the little monster

was ready, he took the head and clapped it on and sd,

"My brother, I have succeeded!"

Then he clapped the clothes on and sd,

"That is my brother, and he will follow me

Wherever I go, and help me in all my labors."

Then he shut the box, as all good monsters

should, put the head on, and went

to bed and went to sleep

And no one knew he was a monster,

And all the monsters that came later

Were all kind to him.

In time, by some chance, someone had the luck

To hear him snoring, and sd,

"What a terrible monster

He is. But if he will help me,

Then I will try to make friends with him."

And they made friends. The monster was never seen

At parties, but he was never seen

In public, he was a secret

But they got along very well.

He taught him everything he knew.

But they had a misunderstanding once.

They both loved the same girl, and each of them

Had loved her too much. The monster

Did not understand about the girl.

But the boy was wise enough to see

That there was a difference between them.

So the monster and the boy decided to kill

each other, for they both loved the girl

And she wanted to be free

And they could not let her suffer.

The monster got a great big knife

And chopped him into little bits,

And then, instead of keeping him for dinner,

He ate him and the boy became

The monster that they always thought he was.

The monster had learned his lesson now.

No one knows that he is a monster,

Because everyone is afrd of monsters.

But the boy is a good boy, and he can

Be kind to everyone, just like a good

Boy should. The monster could have learned to

Be kind. I know, because I am

The monster, and I am here for you.

You think I am scary? Well, look at you,

You're so scared you're even scared of me.

You're scared of me, just like the monsters

That were afrd of the boys that were killed

By the boy. The monsters were made of meat.

When the boy started to cry

The monster gave him his life.

Now the boy doesn't cry,

He thinks he's a monster too,

But he doesn't know that he could also

Be a good boy. He could try

To be good. But the girl can't stay here.

She has to go. And you, good boy,

You have to let her go, like a good boy

Should. Then she will be free

To be happy with the boy she loves.

That's the only thing she ever wanted.

And that's the only thing you should want too.

Now you have to let her go.

Now let the girl go free.

It is time for you to be free too.

Now, good boy, let the girl go free.

This is my story.

And now, good boy, let her go free.

Now this is my story.

And now, good boy, let her go free.

This is my story.

This is my story.

And this is my story.

## After The Parade

If she could be sure of one thing, she'd be sure that this will never change. Not now, not after the parade. It won't. It's her only promise to herself. It's like it never even happened, like it was only a dream. A fantasy, a lie. Because everything is a lie, isn't it? Just this lie. All lies. The only thing is the truth. The one thing that really matters. The one thing that really matters.

She gets up and walks the streets of the city. Wants to feel the city. Want to feel all the city. The buildings, the noise, the people. All the people. She needs to see them, feel them. Wants to touch them. Feel the way they touch her. It's her only contact. She knows it.

But she wants it, doesn't want it, she doesn't know, she knows nothing anymore. She wants to touch someone. That's all. That's the only thing she needs. Touch someone. She goes into a bar. A new place.

It's a Saturday. She is standing by a counter with a barman. She has asked for a glass of whisky. A shot. She is still cold, feels like crying, but she won't.

"What's your name?" he asks.

"Don't know," she says. "Never liked it much. Just had to be something."

He nods. He is a dark-hred, dark-skinned man. He looks familiar.

"What kind of whisky would you like?"


He smiles. "What are you looking for in this city?"

"Someone to touch me. Someone I can touch. I need to touch. That's all."

"You're in need of a bit of love."


"Would that be enough?"


"You're in trouble."


"You've fallen in love. It's not so simple. You've got to try to forget. It's not always so easy to forget."


"Sometimes, though, it is very easy."


He picks up the bottle.

"And why not?"

She looks into his eyes, but she's not sure of anything.

"Because love is pn."

"You feel that pn?"


He puts the bottle in front of her. "Do you want the shot or not?"


"You can't remember

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