Is sage poisonous to cats

Is sage poisonous to cats?


No. As stated in the answer that the other guy linked to, sage is a natural herb, and it has zero toxicity. It's used commonly as a flavoring agent in some types of food, and even some medicines and perfumes.

Sage tea is quite safe for cats, as it's the same exact leaves used for cooking. Just don't feed your cat any type of sage-flavored medicine or other food.

If your cat was eating it because it was in a catnip pillow or under a cat tree, then it could be toxic. You can't get it from cats eating the leaves.

The cats in that video don't appear to have ingested it that way, however, so it's very unlikely they were eating the leaves, and more likely were eating something on the ground, or the base of the tree that they were climbing.

Either way, the video isn't demonstrating any toxicity.


You may want to take a look at this Sage tea for cats for more information. It discusses in depth what sage is, its uses, and specifically discusses its safety. It also discusses some other herbs and their use in feline nutrition.

As a caution, Sage does have potential to be toxic to cats if it is ingested. This is a list of some of the things that are toxic to cats if consumed. Sage and a few other herbs are on this list and are generally not safe to give to cats.









Fenugreek mixed with Thyme



Golden Seal




Orange Peel










As far as the video goes, it looks like the sage leaves are in your mouth, and that you are blowing through them. Sage is generally safe, so it's not any cause for concern.


I use sage in my tea for cats and have had no problems with it, but I do think that if the herb is very strong, it will make them a little bit sick. Most herbs make dogs sick and you shouldn't give them too much of them because they will likely throw up. But that isn't happening in your video. Sage isn't toxic to cats. Sage contns thujone, which is toxic to dogs, but there's only trace amounts in it. (Note, if you feed a large amount of sage to a dog that has a small stomach, it could cause a blockage and the dog would die.)

If you're afrd that sage could be dangerous to your cat, I suggest trying a different herb, like lavender. Sage is only one herb out of many for tea blends for pets.


The sage you are referring to is the common garden sage, the most likely candidate. Sage contns about 50% thujone and is harmless to dogs but toxic to cats. As you sd, this isn't the case with your sage.

There is also the less common chamomile sage. It is a close relative and contns nearly 50% of thujone, but is safe for cats. It is more bitter than the common garden sage and is used for flavoring instead of tea.


The other answers in this thread cover the mn points regarding sage/chamomile tea but the reason why you do not see a reaction is that the amount of tea they get is too small. If you put an amount the size of a housefly in the cat's mouth (or bowl of water), it will not cause a reaction (but the owner of the cat might). It is like putting a small amount of alcohol in a big glass of beer and you do not get a reaction.

A sage and/or chamomile tea may be good for an upset stomach. The chamomile can be used as a mild sedative in animals. That being sd, you should not use these teas as a replacement for medicine or to help with symptoms of an illness. It is more important that you be observant of the cat's behavior and not let them get into the dangerous situation you describe. If your cat is sick, let them finish getting better and go see a vet. If they are not sick, it is not worth the risk.


It is perfectly safe to give cats herb teas if they don't make you sick (so you're not allergic to the herb)


Sage tea is safe and has been used to calm pets. It can be applied externally (and be left on for several hours without causing skin irritation) but it can also be drunk by cats and dogs.

The same is true of chamomile tea - it's just another of those herbs (of which sage is one) that you can give your pets.

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