My dog ate twizzlers

My dog ate twizzlers. I went into full-on mommy mode, and as a result, all my energy went into trying to get my dog to vomit it all up, which isn't easy when your pet is a 15-pound poodle and it's a Tuesday in the middle of winter. But, I did it. I pulled the twizzler out of his stomach, I got him to the vet, I cleaned the house, I fed the dog, I went back to work, and I got to come home to my happy, healthy dog.

My kids had a playdate. I was happy to see my kids have a good time, and I had more time to myself. I even got a few hours of quiet writing done.

I got in four good walks.

My husband went to the gym.

My son played a round of golf.

And I got a few calls done.

I have this theory that as soon as I'm really, really bored, I get really, really creative. I don't mean that in a bad way, either. In fact, I think being bored is good, because it gives you a lot of time to think about what you want to do.

For me, it's always about making something from nothing. It could be a business, or it could be a way to provide for your family, or it could be a way to connect with other people and provide them with something they want or need.

And I think about things I want to do, and I imagine the process of making them happen. If I don't have any good ideas, then I sit there and I think, "OK, well, what if I could combine these two things, and this thing, and this one. What if they were in one?" And that's when I get excited and that's when I start to come up with ideas.

For the past couple of years, I have been building a series of events around the idea of "a million things" and how to make a million things happen. My most recent event is the "Tens of Thousands of Ideas" event. My next event, coming up in March, is "100 Million Ways."

My challenge is to think of 100 million ways to make a million things happen. If we all work together and we come up with 100 million different ways to help others, we can make a million different things happen.

Here's my goal: If I get 1,000 people to come to the next "Tens of Thousands of Ideas" event, that would mean I have 100 million ways to make a million things happen. If I can get 10,000 people to come to the next "100 Million Ways" event, that means I have 100 million ways to make 100 million things happen.

I've put up a Facebook page, where you can find more details, and I'd love it if you could join me. You can share your ideas there, and I'll post a link to the Facebook event page where you can register to attend the event in March.

I want to invite you to join me in thinking about how to make a million things happen. Maybe you think of a million things all the time, or maybe you just think about a million things one at a time.

If you have an idea or a dream that you want to make happen, if you have a passion or a calling or a purpose that you want to achieve, I encourage you to do something about it. We all have ideas and dreams and passions, but sometimes we're not sure how to make them come to life.

So, how about it? If you want to make something happen, if you want to make something better, what's one thing you can do to make it happen?

And, if I'm totally off-base, and you think I'm full of it, feel free to leave your idea or dream for the blog or for Facebook in the comment section. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

And if you want to become a subscriber, you can subscribe to this blog by adding your email address in the sidebar on the right hand side. There's an option to make it an "email subscription only" subscription, and it's always free.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I love the New York City subway system. The system is old, and it's full of people. You don't need to have been a New Yorker long to know the system. You just need to know where you want to go and what the system is all about.

I took this video of a new train. It was so exciting to see. And, this is the first time I've ever seen a train with that type of lighting. And I'm pretty sure it was a New York City train, because I know that type of lighting on a system in the Northeast.

I love the idea of having a city without cars. I'd rather get a subway than take a bus, even though I usually prefer to drive. I'm more comfortable with a subway. There's a time and a place for a car, but the subway is perfect for me. It's easy to use. You can see the people. It's not like the cars in the parking lot at work. The cars in the parking lot at work are pretty much empty most of the time, so you don't see the people.

I was thinking about that while watching this video, which is a video of a new subway train, which will be in service in a few days.

What would it take for you to ride a subway for an hour every day? If you could choose a job that would allow you to ride the subway for an hour a day, would you do it? And if you were doing it, would you feel like you were on vacation every time you rode the subway?

I'm thinking of doing it. I could get on the subway for an hour and a half and go wherever I want to go. That's pretty amazing, and I'm going to give it a try. I think it would be great.

Wednesday, December 14

Watch the video: Extra Long Twizzlers (January 2022).

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