Ten cats who made themselves comfortable in bowls

Cats don't just like bowls to eat. They also love to use them for resting and as a place to sleep. The fruit on the table, the cat in the bowl: Something went wrong - Image: Shutterstock / Dmitriy Yakovlev Exciting for a kitten: The view over the edge of a plate or bowl - Image: Shutterstock / WilleeCole All of them slide together, then kittens can fit three in a bowl - Image: Shutterstock / Linn Currie Now don't just lose your balance in the bowl, sweet kitten - Image: Shutterstock / NatUlrich Do you want to clean? I'm sorry, the bowl is occupied - Image: Shutterstock / grafikwork

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  • 24-01-2014 19:01:37

    ingestonelu: how can I get my food report abuse
  • 03-07-2013 19:07:57

    barbarafelsmann: Probably looked too deep into the glass? (Y) Report abuse