Moon dog brick oven

Moon dog brick oven with double fire, in which the hot oven

bricks are fired twice, and the cold bricks are used to produce the

crackling on the surface. The crackling fire is made by the

application of fire-bricks at the sides of the firebox, the flames

from which pass through an opening in the side of the oven, and

through a small crack at the bottom of the hot oven, and are then

ignited in a firebox at the bottom of the oven, and pass through

into the oven. This fire is not under the oven but on the top of the

hot oven, and it is fed with wood as the oven heats.

The oven is made with brick walls on the sides and ends, with

chimneys at the front, and it is divided into two compartments, and

has doors on both sides. There is also a small door in the back,

under which the fire is made. The oven is generally about 4 feet

long, and about 2 feet wide and 3 feet high, and the front is about

3 feet long and 1 foot high. A round or square top is made to

cover it, and it is closed with a brick flue-tile or tiled roof.

A double oven is one where there are two fire boxes, one being

under the other, and each fire box is connected with a double door

and fire box with a separate opening in the brick front of the oven

and separate fire box. In this way the heat is distributed

proportionately between the two ovens, and the firing is done

separately in each, and can be done so as not to interfere with the

other. The two ovens can also be used at the same time and the

firing can be arranged so that there will be a hot oven in front of

and a cold oven behind the fire. In order to do this a man is

required to move the hot oven into the cold oven, and a man to do

the same thing in the reverse order. This is an expensive method,

and is used only for the baking of light breads such as rolls,

bannock, scones, and other things which can be done with hot and

cold ovens together.

A combination oven is a combination of the two, and is used for

some things which can be done with hot and cold ovens at the same


Another method of baking is to make a single oven with two oven

doors, a fire box on one side of the oven, and a second fire box on

the other side. The oven is made about 6 feet in length, and 5 feet

in width, and is divided into two compartments. The front is made of

brick on the outside and is covered with an earthen tile. The top of

the oven is closed with bricks.

Another method of baking, which is somewhat of an improvement over

the first named, is to have the oven made of a single brick on both

sides and

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