My dog ate a scrunchie

My dog ate a scrunchie

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My dog ate a scrunchie I'd hung on the door knob (and I know about the dangers of dog chewing, because I had an alligator who would chew his way into my house just to get my attention, and I would have to be alert all the time!) So, when I got into the house and couldn't find it anywhere, I tried to take off the door knob without touching anything else.

My first thought was "Oh my God, I can't do that! It has to be hanging in one of those slots!" I thought there was some kind of danger in using the knob and not the slot, even though I was just going to pull on it to slide it out.

I was so relieved that my hand didn't make contact with anything else. I'd thought the dog had gotten into my house and was chewing on the door knob.

It was only later that I realized how lucky I was, because if I'd made contact with the door knob (in a different slot) I could have got stuck in the door.

This could also have been a story about a cat who had the run of the house (and you can have a cat that is just as bad as a dog) and a door knob (or door, or doorknob, or knob) that would have gotten stuck.

I hope you had a good laugh, because I did.

It reminds me of my parents and their door.

You have to open the door (to get to the room, not to open the door!) with two fingers (you can use a special tool if you want, but it's not necessary), and then you put a foot on each side of the door. That's how they do it in a lot of places. I do it that way when I'm helping them with things.

In that case, the person opening the door uses the two fingers and then puts one foot on each side. That's how I do it. I use two fingers to open the door because it's more difficult to reach, but I put a foot on each side of the door, just as my parents do.

I know you're getting old, but when I was in college, my roommate and I were talking about this, and she said that the guy opening the door on her side (the side without a knob) uses only two fingers and a foot. So I asked her how she opens the door if she doesn't use the knob. She told me that sometimes her door doesn't have a knob, and she just puts one foot on each side, because the door doesn't have a knob (the doorknob) to put the foot on.

So I looked it up, and it does seem like there's an exception. But it's hard to tell, because the way I read it is that if a door doesn't have a knob to put your foot on, you should put one foot on each side of the door, but if you use your foot on each side, the door is considered opened. I think I'd have to go ask my roommate to be sure.

I've had a door that didn't have a knob that would have been easy to open with a foot, and I've had one that didn't have a door knob and one that did. But I don't know which one I'd use if I wanted to open the door with a foot.

I also don't know if my roommate would want to be put on the spot and have to open her door that way if the door didn't have a knob on it.

And you know what? I also have no idea how that whole foot-on-each-side thing works with doors in Canada. I'm sure they're different there.

Well, I got a pretty big laugh out of it. I hope you did too.

*My Dad taught me how to cook (I love food, especially desserts), and I have two other older sisters. My sisters and I did something a little like that when we were in college. We'd be sitting around and talking about something. Then my sister would say, "Oh, I'll bet you don't know this...." She'd start talking about something. Then she'd say, "Well, what do you know? You're right!"

The only people who haven't learned this are my sisters and I. If my sisters and I are sitting around talking about something and one of us says something, and the other sister says, "Oh, I'll bet you don't know this..." and she goes on talking, then we both turn to the one who said something and start laughing.

I've been teaching people this all my life, but I'd never heard of the "What do you know?" trick until a few years ago when I was teaching this to a couple of people in a different country.

When I said, "Oh, I'm sure you don't know this...," I told them that I was about to talk about something I didn't know, but that it would be interesting because they would find out that I didn't know it. Then I started talking and they were laughing and kept telling me, "I've never heard this before!"

I like the way you did it.

One thing I remember, and maybe you do too, is how hard it is to get back to a topic you've been discussing before you were interrupted. I always try to do that, but there's something in me that makes it hard.

I always think the other person should stop talking because I have something to say. I'd really like to get back to the topic that I was discussing when I was interrupted. It's not that I'm impatient, or have a short attention span, or something. It's just that I can't help myself.

If I'm talking with someone and I have something that I'd like to say to the topic we were discussing, I don't always stop when they do.

So, for example, I'd just said something about something that made me laugh, and the person I was talking with interrupted me and said, "Oh, I've never

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