Dog swallowed rib bone

Dog swallowed rib bone

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Dog swallowed rib bone in Chicago

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A five-year-old golden retriever with a broken jaw was euthanized in Chicago after she swallowed a rib bone from a barbecued pig.

The Chicago Tribune reports that police officers and animal control officers found the pet at 1 a.m. Thursday at an Edgewater home.

Police spokesman Tom Ahern told the newspaper that police received a call from a woman who sd the dog had broken out of her house. When officers arrived, they found the animal near Edgewater Beach.

Ahern told the paper that the woman who called 911 gave officers the name and address of the home where the dog was.

According to the Tribune, officers found the dog alone in the house when they arrived. The newspaper reports the animal was taken to an animal hospital.

On Friday, the dog was taken to an animal shelter for euthanasia.

Ahern told the newspaper that he could not confirm if the dog had ingested the rib bone.

He sd a person in the house, who was apparently the owner of the dog, had not reported the animal missing to police.

He also sd officers had not issued any citations or warnings to the owner. Ahern told the paper the owners of the dog had the authority to take the animal to the shelter for euthanasia if they chose.

"They could have gotten up and walked out of the house at any time," he sd. "The owner of the dog can take that action at any time."

Police later cited the woman who had called 911. According to a police report, she was cited for flure to provide adequate care for an animal, according to the Tribune.

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