Is neem oil safe for dogs

Is neem oil safe for dogs

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Is neem oil safe for dogs?

I have a 9 month old chihuahua. I know there are many posts on here about neem oil, but many of them are in a negative light. My veterinarian, however, recommends it. I do want to make sure it is safe for him and so I would love some feedback. He says it is very safe and is good for him and for my dog. He also has a blog where he has neem oil recipes. I have a feeling that I could make this work for our little guy because he is not a barker, and he is extremely loving, affectionate, and trusting. My mn concern is that it be safe for him. He is a neutered male and I know he is not breeding, however, I think it would be good for him to not take any unnecessary toxins. I do not know if neem oil is good for males. He is not an overweight dog.

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I had the same concern when I saw the recommendation on the Vet board.

I've had dogs on it for awhile now and there is nothing negative about it for them.

It does seem a little unnatural. I started with 1/2 tsp. a day, then 1 tsp and recently am up to 3/4 tsp. I am so glad I started using it, not just for him but for the family as well.

He's happy, playful and he doesn't need to bark to tell me what he wants. He's just so darn cute and loving.

I love to add it to his food as well and you will see him sniffing around at the stove. He doesn't like to have food on the floor, so if I add the oil to his bowl, he will eat all of it before it gets to the floor.

It doesn't harm them at all and they can use it dly and not harm themselves.

The last time I went to a vet, I started my pet on neem oil for some other condition and then she started asking questions and she decided that I could do it on a regular basis. The vet wasn't too sure and she told me that it was a new concept, but once you start using it, it does the body good. I used it for my little girl and she's now 9 months old and looks really cute on it. She doesn't have any problems with it.

There is another oil that is good for dogs that you might want to look into.

I had to take my dog to the vet last week because he was constantly eating and had the itchy rash on his nose and itched all over. The vet ran an allergy test and came back and told me my dog has food allergies. The vet then sent me to the vet for a neem oil test. My dog has been on it for awhile now and he has no more problems. He used to itch all the time, but not now.

I love to add it to his food as well and you will see him sniffing around at the stove. He doesn't like to have food on the floor, so if I add the oil to his bowl, he will eat all of it before it gets to the floor.

I think that he is a picky eater and so the neem oil gives him something healthy to eat and he doesn't have to worry about eating something that would upset his tummy. He also loves to drink the neem oil too!

I've been using neem oil for about three months and my cat likes it. He likes to put it on the counter and lick it up. He loves it. We bought some from here and they have a special offer of $3.95 for one ounce of neem oil. They have good ingredients, not just any old ingredients. My cat gets the oil on him as a flea collar and it works. I only use a little, like a pinch or two, and then I do put a couple drops on his food to see if he will take the oil and he does. I'm glad I found them. He's a pretty sensitive cat so he won't take anything I put on him that isn't natural.

I did the same thing with my cat. He wouldn't even eat the neem oil. When I'd put a drop on his food, he'd lick it up and then wouldn't touch it anymore. I've been using it on my dogs, however.

My vet recommended it for my dog (he's a beagle mix with severe hip dysplasia) who had been on steroids for 3 years and had no weight gn. He was on a very low dose of the steroid and started taking the neem oil 1-2 tsp dly for about 3-4 months. Since then, he has had about a 50 pound weight gn. He was on the steroid because his hips weren't doing so well. The steroids seemed to cause the weight gn and the neem oil seemed to help reverse it.

I don't think it's dangerous for a healthy dog, and my vet did say that it didn't cause any side effects and that they would use it in the future if necessary.

Thank you so much for your input. I am glad that your vet gave you the chance to try it out and it worked so well for your pet. I am curious, what made your vet think of this oil?

If you think that the oils are bad for them, do you have any evidence? I haven't heard or seen anything about that.

I've read a lot of different information about neem oil, some say that it isn't all that safe, but others say it is okay.

My vet suggested it and sd that it is safe for them. They are using it for their dog who is 9 months old and they have him on it for something else too. He is neutered, and doesn't seem to be breeding. They also use it in their pet food. I'm going to give it a try. He doesn't like food on the floor.

I've been using neem oil for about 3 months and my cat likes it. He likes

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