Kong reflective pocket dog harness

Kong reflective pocket dog harness

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Kong reflective pocket dog harness

I have been using Kongs for a while, but the harnesses they make now seem so basic and low-tech that I feel like I am missing out on something. I want the harness to be something that I am proud of, something that looks like it was made for me, and it has to fit over my dog's shoulders comfortably and securely so he doesn't struggle or have any movement restrictions. I am looking for something similar to this but with a higher quality of workmanship. I would be fine with buying this, and maybe if I see a lower priced one that is on sale I will buy it. The mn thing that I want is for the harness to hold securely and comfortably so that my dog doesn't slip out or pull the harness off of me when I am carrying it in one of my bags. Thanks for the help!

My favorite is the one from they are really nice.

I used them a lot with my dog and they worked fine. I loved the dog part of it. There is a kong reflective dog tag that goes on the front of it, a velcro belt clip for your keys or cell phone, a car harness kit if you want it (they sell the harness, a harness bag, and a dog ID).

They do have a great selection on their website, you can buy one online, but you can also get them at most pet stores and online pet supplies stores.

They are nice and I agree with what someone sd. I think the most important thing you need to know with a Kong harness is to make sure you get a harness that can be used as a car harness too. The reason I say this is because there are some harnesses that are made to be used as dog toys that don't come with a car harness. So, be sure you are buying one with a car harness as well.

I have seen other Kong dog harnesses, and they look nice but I was afrd of what I would buy because I didn't want the same kind of problem I have with mine now. It's good to know the harnesses that are on sale now aren't the kind of harnesses that I need to avoid.

I agree, it is important to get the right harness for the job. In my opinion, there are four mn types of harnesses to be considered:

1. Harness made for walking your dog (this may also be known as a "lead harness"). These are typically used by dogs that are a little bit small and/or light.

2. Harness for pulling a cart or buggy (this may be called a "car harness" or "cart harness" depending on which part of the country you live in). These are typically used by dogs that are much larger than what is described in the first category of harnesses.

3. Harness that can be used for both walking and pulling. This type of harness is typically used by dogs that have a medium size and weight.

4. Harness that can be used for walking and pulling. These are used for dogs that are medium size and weigh a good deal of their own body weight.

So, with that, I would look for a dog harness that is suited to your dog's size, and that will be strong enough for the job that you expect your dog to have to do.

In addition to the Kong reflective dog ID and belt clip, you should also look for a harness that comes with a leash, preferably a very strong one. I have two different harnesses that I like and they are both from the same company, but I would strongly suggest getting the Kong harness if your dog's size is not extreme.

Here is a list of dog harnesses that I have seen at some Pet stores and online:

1. Kong, Reflective Dog Harness with ID, belt clip, car harness kit. I own this harness and it fits my dog nicely. It comes with a leash and is very strong, especially for a harness that weighs only about a pound. You can get this harness for about $20 on Amazon.

2. Pawzdog Harness with ID, belt clip, car harness kit. This is a great harness and I have a friend who has it and loves it. It comes with a leash, belt clip, and a car harness kit. I like this one a lot, but I don't own it because I just sold my dog.

3. Kong, Reflective Dog Harness. I don't own this, but I have looked at it, and I think it is nice. It comes with a leash, but it seems to me that it does not fit over my dog's shoulders and is not particularly strong. Also, if you buy the Kong, Reflective dog harness, you are required to purchase a Kong Dog ID which is also sold separately, which I think is a waste of money.

I am not really sure what to tell you, except to tell you that there are a lot of dog harnesses that are made to be used for dogs that are very small and very light. So, if that is a concern for your dog, then you need to think about getting one of those harnesses instead of the larger harness that can be used for medium to large size dogs.

Good luck and I hope this helps you out. I think that one of the best things to do if you really want to avoid a harness is to get a lead. It's really not that much more expensive, and it's very easy to use and can be used for a long time. And, for the life of me, I cannot understand why someone would walk a dog in the summer wearing a harness that is not comfortable.

Good luck.

(My favorite dog harness is the one from It is the one pictured in my signature line.)

I have a Kong that I got about a year ago. It has lasted me well and been used as much as my other Kongs. I was going to write in and suggest a product but, I am afrd that it won't be any good to you

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