The most beautiful cat breeds in the world: spoiled for choice

The most beautiful cat breeds in the world: spoiled for choice

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Cats are fluffy, cuddly, sometimes a bit stubborn and extremely beautiful - but which is just the most beautiful cat breed in the world? Even if beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder and most cat owners would certainly choose their own four-legged friends in first place, we have compiled a list for you with a few exceptional specimens. 3rd place: Elegant Siamese cat with beautiful eyes - Image: Shutterstock / Serghei Starus

5th place: Turkish Angora with silky-soft fur and extraordinary eyes - Image: Shutterstock / Soul Of Autumn / Vladimir Konovalov 4th place: Exceptional Burmese cat with point drawing and blue eyes - Image: Shutterstock / indianspirit 3rd place: Elegant Siamese cat with beautiful eyes - Image: Shutterstock / Serghei Starus 4th place: Loving house tiger with a thick fur collar: Norwegian Forest Cat - Image: Shutterstock / Joanna22 1st place: British Shorthair cat: impressive and timelessly beautiful - picture: Shutterstock / Val Thoermer

Elegant stature, soft fur and beautiful almond eyes in the most amazing colors: These are good conditions to get a place in our list of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world. The British Shorthair, a popular pedigree cat, is at number one on our top 5 list, as its pictures show that its beauty does not only come from within. The coat of the balanced and strong built cat is colored in captivatingly beautiful tones like blue or lilac. Hardly anyone can resist the expressive eyes of the British Shorthair. Special colors such as copper, orange or blue contribute to the special appearance of the cat. The second place seems to be made for the Norwegian Forest Cat: This velvet paw is a natural type that copes very well with cold weather. You can see that in the Norwegian Forest Cat. The big, sturdy cat has a wonderfully long, fluffy fur that can be drawn in all possible color variations and patterns. Her frill and tufts of hair on her ears are characteristic of her, as this picture gallery shows. Her extremely lovable nature gives her additional plus points.

The most beautiful cats in the world: from noble to exotic

In third place among the most beautiful cats in the world, we have chosen a wonderful exotic woman who, in her elegance, will not let anyone steal the show: the Siamese cat. Her delicate stature, blue eyes and point drawing make the active and highly intelligent little Siamese cat an eye-catcher in the living room arena. Fourth place is followed by another point cat: the Burmese cat (also called "Holy Burma"). Big blue eyes and a long, silky fur are typical for this sociable and balanced velvet paw, which should best be kept in the apartment. We awarded fifth place to the noble Turkish Angora, a representative of the oldest long-haired cat breeds in the world. The cat with the silky fur is a rarity today and stands out due to a particularly beautiful feature: the Turkish Angora often has two differently colored eyes.

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