Why does my dog try to bury my baby

Why does my dog try to bury my baby

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Why does my dog try to bury my baby’s foot under the house

My dog is a good dog. This is not debatable. My dog is the finest dog I know of and is truly, my baby. When I first moved here a year ago, I quickly realized this. My landlord was a cat person and the cat came in and out when I was not at home. The next few months, that dog would walk up to me and sit next to me on the porch until I got home. After that, it wouldn’t even sit. The dog would just follow me around until I returned home.

I started to have concerns about my baby and that cat. They were out of control together. One day, my dog started acting strange. She wouldn’t bark, growl or yelp. She would just stare at the cat. I would have to say hi to the cat, and the dog would stare at it as if she were looking for something. I found out that she had not touched the cat at all. I took her to the vet who diagnosed her with a seizure and had a couple of medicines put in her.

A couple weeks later, the cat was acting the same way. She would look at my dog as if to say “Hi”. After a while, I realized that both of them were in love and wanted to be together. The cat would come over for food, and the dog would come for a quick snuggle. If she was hungry, the cat would feed her and they would eat together. It was like two people who were not allowed to be together.

So, I started to wonder. I realized that I was going to have to have a big fight. I told my husband that I was not sure how I was going to expln this to our landlord, but I wanted to tell him what was going on. The next day, I went to my landlord to tell her what was going on. I explned the situation and asked her what she thought we should do. She sd that I should not feel bad because I am doing the right thing. The cat is not the owner’s and if they were to live together, they would end up together. I told her that I was not sure if I would keep the cat or if we would find another cat, but that I did not want my dog to be miserable. She sd that if my dog was miserable, I should let her go. I told her that I loved my dog, and that I wanted my dog to be happy and safe. She sd that I should not worry about it, because dogs love other dogs and cats love other cats. It would be fine. She told me that I could keep the cat and put the dog in her own apartment. She told me that she was sure that my dog would feel better if she was by herself. She was right. My dog was happier in her own apartment. I have a little heart shaped collie and I knew that it would not take much for her to love the cat. I did not know what would happen with the cat. I was not sure if she would run off, or try to stay. But, when I put her in her apartment, she did not leave. She stayed put. For the next month, she did not leave the apartment. We are still together. I do not know why I decided to let the cat stay. It could be because she is just a baby. She is only five months old and I did not have her when she was a kitten. I was the one who got to hold her first. It is nice that I will always have my memories with the cat. And, it is nice to have her in the apartment with us. I am still hoping to adopt another cat, someday.

This is a place for me to write about my life. My thoughts, my experiences, and anything that I care to share. This is not a place for a professional or for someone who makes a living by writing. I know that there are blogs out there that are dedicated to that purpose, but this is not one of them. This is for me. For others. I would love to get feedback from those who visit my blog. I would love to see comments from my readers. But, that is not the purpose of this blog. I hope that you enjoy my stories and my comments. Thank you for reading!

Thursday, November 19, 2008

Do you have a special place to write? Do you get a special feeling when you enter a place and you know that this place is just for you? Do you ever think that your writing will be for the ages? Do you ever find yourself writing just for yourself? I have thought of writing some kind of memoir for the ages. I think that I may have to write such a thing down.

I am talking about a book that I would write. A book that I would write to my children and my grandchildren. I would have them read the book when they are older. If, at the time of reading the book, it was too early in their life, I would do a second copy. I would read the book out loud to the children. I would think that I was telling them things that they could not know until they were older. As time went by, they would get to read the book. I would tell them that I read the book to them because I wanted them to have special knowledge.

I am writing in pencil right now. I write just as I write everyday. I do not do any editing or proofreading. I do not want to do either of these things. I want to do what I am doing. I want to write as I talk. I want to write without a book. I want to see my thoughts and feelings out on the pages.

I do not want to do my work in a place where someone could stop me.

I want to write in the most peaceful place that I can find. I want to write in a place where I will not have to go somewhere else. I want to write where I want to write. I do not want to write if someone is around. I do not want to write in front of people.

Maybe I should do this on the beach. Maybe this is the place. Maybe if I am in the water then no one will see. If I write here, will I tell anyone? If I tell anyone, will I feel bad about telling them?

If I do not tell anyone, then will they tell me that I should do it? If I do not tell anyone, will I feel better about myself?

I will try it anyway.

I am sitting here in my yard with my dog. I am writing in my lap. I am typing this on my phone. I am sitting in the yard. This is my place.

I am here to do my work. I am here to live my life.

This is my home.

I do not want to stop here. I do not want to stop anywhere. I do not want to stop in any place or any time. I want to write as I live.

I will make a list.

A list of things that I will do.

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