Totally cozy: cats show their favorite sleeping place

Kittens like it fluffy: their sleeping place is the Towel Mountain - Image: Shutterstock / Andrey Kuzmin

Cats can sleep anywhere and don't need much to be happy. Nevertheless, most of them have a favorite place to sleep, as these pictures show. Kittens like it fluffy: their sleeping place is the Towel Mountain - Image: Shutterstock / Andrey Kuzmin Tea party? Boring. The kitten uses the cup as a place to take a nap - Image: Shutterstock / hwongcc Teddy bear? Perfect place to sleep for this red and white domestic cat - Image: Shutterstock / Pepik Nice sleeping place for cats: The laptop - Image: Shutterstock / Eric Fahrner In the shadow of the ball of wool: kittens look cute on every sleeping place - Image: Shutterstock / Marek Novak "I couldn't answer the phone, the cat used it as a place to sleep." - Image: Shutterstock / Anna Jurkovska Particularly soft sleeping place for cats: neighbors house dog - picture: Shutterstock / apgestoso Always be in the front row: Kitten has its sleeping place under the Christmas tree - Image: Shutterstock / ArinaV Search picture: Find the cat in her sleeping place - Picture: Shutterstock / Dmitry Tsiplakov This place to sleep looks cozy, but is not quite as suitable for cats - Image: Shutterstock / Andrey Kuzmin

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  • person

    05-09-2015 21:09:36

    susannereuchsel: so sleep report my abuse
  • 23-06-2013 10:06:20

    utekastrati: And that's how they both sleep report abuse
  • 23-06-2013 10:06:08

    utekastrati: This is how my Maca prefers to report abuse
  • 23-06-2013 10:06:39

    utekastrati: This is how my Sharika sleeps best. Report abuse
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    21-06-2013 19:06:56

    angelikasch: I'm so tired. Report abuse
  • person

    21-06-2013 19:06:31

    angelikasch: Sweet Report abuse
  • 03-03-2013 12:03:04

    barbarakaponek: dangerous place to sleep !!! Report abuse
  • 03-03-2013 12:03:01

    barbarakaponek: the sweetest beings are our velvet paws! Report abuse
  • 24-02-2013 11:02:59

    margitbittmann: Sonntagsschlaferl :) Report abuse
  • 14-02-2013 10:02:23

    trixiniebel: the wonderfully quiet hum and the warmth probably invite you to take a nap :-) Report abuse
  • 13-02-2013 10:02:02

    deliavorbrodt:… rest after the spin cycle… report abuse
  • 13-02-2013 10:02:14

    deliavorbrodt:… the answering machine… report abuse
  • 12-02-2013 21:02:14

    waltraudfas: Working is too much effort. Report abuse
  • 12-02-2013 21:02:15

    waltraudfas: Once again on Facebook for too long. Report abuse
  • 12-02-2013 21:02:01

    waltraudfas: Wish everyone a good night and sweet dreams. Report abuse