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The Dog Queen: Elizabeth II and her Corgis

The Dog Queen: Elizabeth II and her Corgis

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If there were an ambassador for the best friend of man among the royals, Queen Elizabeth II would have this role. Her love for dogs doesn't only fascinate the British. The head of state is particularly fond of her corgis. The dog queen: Elisabeth II and her corgis - Photo: Shutterstock / Reddogs

Queen Elizabeth II has clear preferences

A Queen Elizabeth II biographer once wrote that the Queen likes dogs, horses, men and women - in that order. Her greatest passion is the corgi, actually Welsh Corgi Pembroke, a dog breed originating from Wales. When it comes to the little four-legged friends, you shouldn't mess with their majesty. In 1999, Queen Elizabeth II shot one of her employees for allegedly filling her corgis with alcohol.

Another tart, dear Corgi?

The vets don't like it at all, but they are powerless against the queen. Queen Elizabeth II is happy to have her favorites serve traditional English raisin rolls with cream and strawberry jam. At official banquets, leftover food sometimes falls under the table. Under no circumstances should you imitate this in the interests of your dog.

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