Sunday program deluxe: crawl the Lori

Sunday program deluxe: crawl the Lori

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Who doesn't love that: just spend the Sunday in bed and let your loved ones spoil you. This Lori is a true connoisseur and loves when mistress crawls him. How much he does that can only be seen when there is a short break at the cuddle units.

Raise your arms and off you go. It is a real pleasure to watch this Lori crawl under her arms. The way Lori clenches her little fingers into little fists, opens her eyes wide and throws her head back - she can only enjoy it.

And when the crawl units are suddenly interrupted, the monkey relative seems to fall out of the clouds. It's a good thing that he has the sad look so flawlessly to convince mistress that he deserves a little more love.

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