Anime cat girl body pillow

Anime cat girl body pillow case

This is another body pillow case made from vintage felt. I made it as an art pillow and got another for my husband who asked for something like this. We had a bunch of those vintage felt pillowcases at the flea market, and had to get more.

I used the vintage fabric that I bought at the flea market as part of a swap to another member on a swap board I have on FB.

A swap is just an online deal where you have to send the item to someone else who would be happy to swap it for something of equal value. You would like your swaps to be something you can't get just online or even on your own.

Here are some of the old pillows I have that are starting to wear out. It's just the right size for a body pillow and doesn't take up a lot of room.

It's so much fun to re-purpose items and make them into something completely new.

I will be listing the original pillow cases and these body pillow cases as they make a great alternative to a regular pillow, especially if you have a small apartment and don't want to buy an entire new pillow.

The vintage fabric I have is from a swap I did on that FB group in 2010-2011.

I am listing this as a swap that you can't do online, because when you are buying and getting these pillowcases, you are buying something that you can't get online. The only way to get them is through a swap. You won't be disappointed if you join a swap that you have to physically send things to a friend or relative. It's really fun.

Just look for the pillow cases on Etsy and they are made from fabric and they are just the right size to fit your body pillow.

I took apart the pillow cases and added some felt on each side to make the pillow more "sturdy".

I started with the larger of the two pillow cases and re-woven the cotton with felt on the inside and out.

Then I cut out another pillow case that was the right size for my body pillow. Then I sewed the two together.

I added some buttons to the bottom of the pillow case so it won't be a hole in the bottom and so it will stay closed.

And so the new body pillow case is born.

Now you don't need that old pillow anymore and you can be a whole new person.

It's like you have a new, very comfortable and soft body pillow.

My friend from Australia told me about this and we thought it was great idea and so we have a swap for this and we have plans for other swap projects to be posted next week.

The fabric you can get on Etsy or Amazon. The new body pillow case is on sale for $7 on Etsy.

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The rest of my week is filled with sewing and I have a little Halloween giveaway coming up for tomorrow. I hope you are having a great day today.

Friday, September 14, 2015

I love making pillows.

I love making pillow cases.

I love sewing a pillow case.

And today I have a tutorial for a pillow case.

I made my first pillow case a while ago and I loved it. I didn't do anything fancy with it but it was perfect for my first pillow case project.

Then a while later I made a pillow for my kids and I made a pillow case out of some fabric that I had bought on Etsy. It looked perfect with my new body pillow and I knew I wanted to make another pillow case.

I searched on Etsy for a pillow case tutorial and I found one on Pinterest and I followed the tutorial and it was perfect for my body pillow.

The pillow cover turned out good.

Then the pillow cover wasn't the end. I wanted a pillow case. I started to think about what fabric I wanted for a pillow case. I looked through my fabric bin and I searched on Pinterest for pillow case tutorials.

I found lots of different pillow case ideas. And some good ideas and some bad ideas and some really really good ideas.

I decided I didn't want any pockets because pockets tend to make the pillow case harder to put on and I decided to use a fabric that could be put in the washing machine.

My first choice was on Etsy but I really didn't have enough money and I had to cut my fabric down.

And then it occurred to me that we have fabric at home that I hadn't used. I love to sew fabric but I don't really sew with fabric very often.

And then I remembered my mom's quilt. I had made a Christmas quilt with her about 7 years ago and I wanted to make something for the kids and I remembered the fabric that I used for that quilt and I knew I could use it to make a really cute pillow case.

I bought some fabric and I found this tutorial for creating pillowcases.

It's not the best tutorial out there but it had a lot of good suggestions and I followed the suggestions and I made some changes to the tutorial. And it turned out good.

We have a lot of fabric at home that we don't use. So it was a great way to use fabric that we don't use.

I used fabric from my mom's quilt that I didn't know what to do with.

Here is the tutorial:

And the final pillow case:

So I decided to just make a new pillow case. So I found a pattern on Etsy and I searched on Pinterest for a tutorial. And it looked perfect. And I decided to follow the tutorial and it came out perfect.

I made a pillow case for my daughter. I just used the regular fabric that I had at home.

And then I made another one for my other daughter and I used the same fabric.

These are really cute and I hope my girls like them.

I have decided to share the tutorial with you so you can make your own pillow cases too.

So here is the tutorial. And I am sorry in advance for the mistakes. I am new to blogging and I don't know how to make the photos big enough.

For every 4 fabrics, cut a piece of fabric 18" wide. (You can use all the fabric at once, but the cut-off should be around 6 inches or it won't turn out nice.)

For the pocket, measure 3/4 of the width of the piece you are making the pocket for. For this tutorial, the 3/4 of the width will be 11 inches. (Don't forget the 1/2-inch seam allowance)

Cut out two pieces of fabric. The one for the front, and the other one for the back. (The pocket should be the same width as the front or the back, whatever is bigger.)

Take the smaller front piece, and fold it in half with wrong sides together. Sew the edges together leaving a 3/4-inch opening at the bottom. (This is the pocket.)

Sew the 3/4-inch opening at the bottom together.

Turn the pillow case right-side out and finger-press the seam allowances to the wrong side of the fabric.

Fold the pillow case in half, with the two front pieces being sewn together. Leave about 3 inches between the pocket and the edge. (This is the opening in the pocket. The 3 inches should be sewn together.)

Turn the case right-side out and stitch up the

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