Snow diver: Fox hunting mice

What is this fox doing on such a white corridor? And why does the red-haired four-legged friend sneak around so cautiously - only to then break through the snow cover with a skilful jump? Do we see the sheer anticipation for the new year here? No, this robber is actually hunting - and his "jump of joy" is actually a targeted attack.

The silence of the white snow landscape of Yellowstone National Park is deceptive. In fact, a gentle rustling and digging reveals the prey that the fox has chosen. They are mice who are also looking for something to eat. And of course they have good hearing too. And so it looks like the fox is on the hunt for invisible prey to stalk. But he keeps turning his ears to the snow. His brave jump with the snout ahead into the white splendor then reveals his actual plan, which in this case is even crowned with success - a fascinating spectacle.

However you and your four-legged friends "jump" into the new year - the team from wishes you and your loved ones a great start and many happy, cozy and fun hours in 2013. Come in well!

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