Bowl and bone dog harness

Bowl and bone dog harness

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Bowl and bone dog harnesses are avlable in many patterns and sizes to accommodate the shape of dogs and their level of dexterity. It is not uncommon for a dog to lose a limb, a large percentage of dogs have hips that are less than perfect, or are missing part of a limb. The shape of the bone in the hips, the ability of a dog to hold his head or the ability of the dog to balance his hips when jumping require a harness with many different configurations. The ability to adjust a harness to accommodate many different shapes and sizes is quite important to most pet owners.

Conventional bone dog harnesses are manufactured in a number of sizes to accommodate the dimensions of a wide variety of dog breeds and sizes. These are either made of flexible nylon materials or rigid materials such as plastics, all of which can stretch and distort.

Harnesses are also made to conform to the shape of the dog. Typically, a dog's hip bone is generally round in shape, and so it is desirable for the harness to accommodate the shape of the bone as it lies beneath the skin of the dog. A harness should also fit the shape of the hips as the dog's hips and legs move with respect to one another. It is desirable to make the harness fit snugly to the dog's body so that there is little or no looseness and there is no risk of injury to the dog.

As the use of dogs for hunting has become more and more popular, the need to quickly and accurately identify the dog has also increased. A quick check of the dog can also tell the hunting dogs from the scent hounds, or between the scent hounds and the cadaver hounds.

Many hunters prefer to bring a second person along with them to d in locating the dog and retrieving the game that the dog has caught. This requires that the person accompanying the hunter can carry a number of different items. Among those items that the hunter must carry are at least two different types of scentshooters, one for each type of dog, a contner for water for each person, and a number of different flags. This makes hunting with a companion extremely inconvenient, since the person hunting with the hunter must carry many different items. It also makes hunting more expensive as the hunter pays an additional person to accompany him.

Many hunters prefer to hunt alone and so it is desirable that the scenthooter be light in weight and small in size to facilitate the carrying of the scenthooter by the person alone. Also, it is preferable that the scenthooter also be light in weight and small in size so that the scenthooter will not be an annoyance or a hazard to a person carrying it.

Furthermore, it is desirable to make a scenthooter, which can be used by a person in a manner that is easily recognized as to its use. It is also desirable that the scenthooter can be easily used by a person, but also that it can be used without the use of a glove by the person operating the scenthooter.

The present invention solves these problems by providing a portable scenthooter, which is particularly useful for hunting purposes. The scenthooter according to the present invention is capable of being carried and operated by one person. The scenthooter also has a number of advantages over known scenthooters. The present invention may be used to catch birds for food and sport, and it may also be used to locate small game and other scented objects such as skunks and raccoons. The scenthooter also is light in weight and is small in size. It can be easily used by a person without the use of a glove and without disturbing the person carrying the scenthooter.

The scenthooter of the present invention comprises a housing, which may be formed from a single molded piece of plastic or metal. The housing may be formed of a soft plastic which may be easily pierced by a hunting arrow. When pierced, the arrow would cause the housing to become inoperable. The housing may also be made of a metal, in which case the arrow may be used to break away the housing and make the scenthooter inoperable. The housing also comprises a foot pedal assembly, which may be made of metal.

The scenthooter further includes a pr of arms extending from the housing. Each arm has an end which is pivotally mounted to the housing and has an outwardly extending flange. The flange allows the arm to be pivotally mounted to the housing. A portion of the flange is spaced from the foot pedal assembly and provides for a handle portion to be grasped.

Each arm also includes an end which is pivotally mounted to the housing to allow the arms to be rotated about their pivot points relative to the housing. The arms also each have a portion of the end which engages an eyelet formed in the housing.

The housing further includes a pr of notches formed in the housing. Each notch is provided for the mounting of one of a pr of eyelets. The housing also includes a base for the scenthooter. The base may be made from a material similar to the material used to form the housing. The base includes a plurality of holes formed therein which can be used for fastening the scenthooter to other objects, such as a pr of pants worn by a person carrying the scenthooter.

A scenthooter also includes a scented dispenser which can be made of any suitable material, such as metal or plastic. The scented dispenser comprises a housing having an eyelet and a flange. The flange and eyelet may be used for mounting the scented dispenser to the

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