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Chocolate baby babies: Sweet to eat

Chocolate baby babies: Sweet to eat

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Christmas time is chocolate time - how about for a change with a chocolate egg baby? Like two pralines with delicate and precious filling, the two hedgehog siblings have made themselves comfortable in a box - a dangerous place for hibernation.

Admittedly, not much happens in this video, but looking away is still difficult. The two hedgehog babies have found the apparently perfect place to hibernate: the sugar-sweet guys are smacking on their backs. They still blindly stretch the four paws away from the body. Do you know how dangerous your long nap could be? Finally, the Christmas season is approaching - and there are so many people who reach into the box of chocolates quite courageously and carelessly.

After all, chocolate lovers should not be disappointed. Because what you find instead of chocolates is so sweet that it will surely hit your hips. Good night and see you next year. After their winter sleep, the two can then explore the forest and meadow with their eyes open.

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