Marking with urine: various causes

Marking with urine can have different causes in cats. Only if you know the reason why your velvet paw has suddenly become dirty can you take measures that will prevent your cat from marking furniture, walls and carpets with urine in the future. Image: Shutterstock / company V

One thing is very important to know: marking with urine is not meant badly by your cat. Depending on the cause, it cannot do otherwise or has problems that cause the dirty behavior. So do not scold the velvet paw. It is better to identify the causes and take the right measures.

Mark with urine due to physical discomfort

You can usually tell whether it is a physical cause by the position of your velvet paw when you urinate at unauthorized places. Sick cats crouch, hang their tails, and drain urine down - as they would normally do on the litter box. The puddle of urine also indicates whether it is a marking or an uncleanness: if it is on the floor, it is probably unclean. If the urine stains are in prominent places (table, cupboard, bed, etc.) or at the height of the cat, this indicates that they are marked.

For example, a bladder infection or other urinary tract disease could be the reason for uncontrolled urination. Your room tiger does not make it to the litter box in time and relieves herself in another place. Only a veterinarian can tell if your cat is really sick.

Litter boxes are often the cause of urine marking

If you catch your darling's raised tail while marking it, its rear part trembles and the jet shoots horizontally towards the piece of furniture, it is probably a question of pure marking behavior. Uncastrated cats and cats usually have a stronger tendency to label their territory with fragrance marks and also pee in the apartment. In this case, castration can help. Apart from that, it offers other advantages.

If the marking does not stop after castration, there can be a variety of other causes. Maybe there are problems with the litter box. Make sure it is in a quiet place, is cleaned regularly and is always a loo more than cats in the house. If in doubt, change the litter or the type of cat litter box - some velvet paws do not like hood litter boxes. You can find out more about this topic in the guide: "Uncleanliness in cats: causes around the litter box".

Mark as the cause of uncleanliness

If your cat's sudden messiness roughly coincides with the onset of sexual maturity, ...

Psychological causes of urine marking

However, drastic changes in the cat's environment, such as new conspecifics, offspring or a new partner, stress your cat and can lead to urine marking. Sometimes new pieces of furniture or a new detergent for the cat sleeping blanket have the same effect. Therefore, always try to get your cat used to new living conditions as slowly as possible. You can find out more in the guide: "Does your cat suffer from stress? Recognize symptoms".