Dog whines in car

Dog whines in car

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Dog whines in car window

Our dog is in the backseat of the car when I start the engine. I don't put the car into gear, but she doesn't notice. Then I put it in park and the dog whines a lot. It sounds like she is trying to come out and get to the front seat. We have the car seat in the back, and it's not reclined.

I don't like the idea of her coming out, but when I take the car out of park and then drive, she stops whining. So, I'm not sure how bad it is.

I had this problem with a female German Shepherd...after she had been spayed and still whining, she started peeing in the car...she couldn't figure out what was going on, and neither could I.

We eventually discovered that the seat was stuck to the floor. She couldn't move it, but would keep trying. Eventually, she would pee, and the seat would drop off. And so it went.

To prevent this from happening, keep the seat in a position where it will just naturally rise up when you park the car. Then, once you park the car, let her stand by the driver seat and wt. It will take some time for the seat to go back into place, but it shouldn't take long.

Then, while you're driving, you can lean forward and pat her head and tell her how wonderful she is. She'll eventually stop whining. (If she doesn't, make a face and sigh.)

Once I got the seat off her, and she was finally out of there, she started to calm down.

I have a similar situation, with my 2 year old puppy. My boyfriend and I have a 'pet taxi' for our weekend getaways. We'd drop her off in the garage at home and pick her up next week. But she likes to ride in the front seat, and she likes to have her head on the 'control panel'. So she used to cry when we'd pull out of the garage.

We don't have a 'control panel' in our car, so we just pulled over and left her in the car, and she did fine. I just let her stay there, and took my boyfriend to the car and sd 'He's in the car. He'll stay there until he gets hungry, or the people who are going to pick him up come back.' They went back later and picked her up.

I don't know if it worked out for you, but it did work out for us.

Oh boy! I have an 11 month old, who loves to sit in the front passenger seat while we are driving, or is in the back. And of course she has "issues" when she isn't on my lap. What I did was give her a "special" seat that I knew she would like better, and she sits in that one all the time now. It works much better for her, and my lap too!!

Well if you have kids that old it is a great idea to keep her in the car... it's not good when she's not in her own place, if she can go to a pet taxi. I've even heard of people who have left their dog in the car while they went to eat out with their friends, and a thief has taken it. Even if they go out and it takes them 15 min or so to get home, it's better to have her in the car. I actually leave my car in my garage a couple of days and go hang out in a park if it's a nice day out... and I leave my kid in the car if it's so I can't forget about him.

The problem is that a lot of people use pets as taxis and the problem with this is that if something goes wrong with the car and the pet has to be taken to the vet you will be stuck with the bill, or worse.

My advice would be to find a pet taxi, it is one of the best investments you can make in life, not only does your pet have a good place to stay, but you are able to go about your day with peace of mind.

And finally if you think your dog is too old to be left in the car just think of how much younger she is in comparison to you... they aren't that much older than you, it is just a matter of perspective.

I don't have a child yet, but I am always worried about my dogs. I don't believe I have to worry about leaving them in the car all the time because my husband and I keep them in the back seat whenever we go on a long drive and we have an in-car system for letting them out in the yard, which is much better than putting them in the kennel.

When I drive in town, it's usually just my husband and me in the car so they just sit in the back. But when we go to friends' houses or places like that, I usually go back there with them.

I don't leave them alone in the car because I know they could get into trouble, and I don't want to be stuck with a new puppy if something goes wrong.

I'm glad that you can have an in-car system that lets your dog out, that's a good thing.

However, I think it would still be a bad idea to leave them in the car all the time, and especially if you're only going to be away from them for a short while. Just because your pets are old doesn't mean they aren't at risk of getting hurt or killed in a car accident.

I don't have a child yet, but I am always worried about my dogs. I don't believe in letting them loose in the car when we are not there, and I don't want my child in there either. I think the best thing to do is be sure we're there and not to let them loose while we are.

Good to know that your dog is in a kennel with you in the car. That's important to know.

However, I am glad that you take precautions.

You sd, "...and there are other people, which include myself, who will let them out."

"I don't leave them alone in the car because I know they could get into trouble, and I don't want to be stuck with a new puppy if something goes wrong."

It seems like you need to trust your gut here. If you can feel it's a bad idea to leave your dog in the car unattended, then just trust it.

I hope you'll be there when you go to a friend's house. That's not a problem either.

I had dogs, but they died many years ago. (I don't have a car, and never learned how to drive.) There is one thing, that I think about now, in the car, when it is rning (I was in a school bus), and I'm the only passenger, and the bus driver is asleep. The bus windshield was fogged up. So, you're the only one who can see. It is cold. What happens when you drive to a friend's house, and the windshield gets fogged up, and the bus driver falls asleep? If the bus driver falls asleep, the road may become wet, you will have problems, and the dog could be a danger to everyone.

I do drive, but I have my pets kennel with me. If I'm going to leave my pet in the car, I would let them out when I arrive, and shut them up when I leave. They are

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