Safety in the dark: light tags for dogs

Safety in the dark: light tags for dogs

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A dog walk in the dark requires special safety precautions, especially in terms of visibility. Light tags on the collar are a quick and easy way to make the four-legged friend more easily recognizable from a distance and they are available in different variations. Safety in the dark: light tags for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / LaNae Christenson

1. Hardly to be missed: illuminated tag with color change

If you like it colorful, you can conjure up a lot of color on the dog collar with a light tag. The trailer, which is equipped with batteries, is lit up simply by pressing - and your four-legged friend can be seen much better from afar thanks to the bright play of colors!

2. Large selection: set with different trailers

If you can't choose between the many different colors that are available, or if you simply would like to have different light tags at hand, you are sure to be well advised with a whole set of seven tags. These trailers are also battery operated and wonderful to see from afar.

3. With luminosity and in the form of paws

With its paw shape, this pendant is pretty and striking to look at, is waterproof and can be easily attached to the collar with a snap hook. Thanks to strong luminosity in the dark, a safer feeling is also included.

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