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Dog with conjunctivitis: treatment

Anyone who has a dog with conjunctivitis at home knows how the animal suffers from this disease and that treatment must start as soon as possible. How it looks depends on the severity of the disease and the cause of it. The veterinarian takes care of the dog with conjunctivitis - Image: Shutterstock / michaeljung

If you notice a strong, perhaps slimy, tear flow in your dog, who is sensitive to pain when touching the eyes and who is itchy, you should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. After a thorough diagnosis, he will begin treatment for the dog with conjunctivitis.

Dog with conjunctivitis: treatment of a mild illness

If the conjunctiva is irritated by drafts, penetration of a foreign body into the dog's eye or dust, the veterinarian often recommends herbal products such as eyebright, which you can get from the pharmacy. In the form of eye drops or tea for washing out eyes, eyebright works against the itching and drying out of the eye.

Anti-inflammatory eye ointments should get better quickly and should be administered exactly as directed by the veterinarian.

Treatment of eye inflammation with cortisone or antibiotics

If the vet determines that your pet has an allergy, they will likely prescribe cortisone drops or ointments and try to find the allergy focus. Bacterial conjunctivitis is treated with antibiotics while an antifungal agent is prescribed to fight a fungal infection that has struck the conjunctiva.

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You can also do something for your dog with conjunctivitis at home. In addition to regularly administering the medication prescribed by the doctor, you should carefully ensure that the area around the eyes remains clean. It is best to dab it with a cloth so that it can be moistened with warm water. Your pet should be warm and cozy until the disease gets better and should not be exposed to drafts.

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