Have cat litter delivered: Finally no longer drag

Have cat litter delivered: Finally no longer drag

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Every cat owner needs cat litter and that can be annoying: The large sacks bring a considerable weight and dragging is really not a pleasure. How practical that most varieties can also be delivered via online mail order companies! Have cat litter delivered: Finally no longer dragging - Image: Shutterstock / Ragne Kabanova

Choose, order and have it delivered to your home: This is particularly practical for cat owners without a car. In addition to free shipping from a certain order amount, many mail order companies also offer subscriptions where you can set how much cat litter they want to receive and when. You can get these varieties online:

1. Cat litter made from plant fibers: Efficient and environmentally friendly

Cat litter, which is made from 100% plant fibers, is environmentally friendly and light. Strains like Cat's Best Öko Plus may seem expensive at first glance, but they are incredibly productive, which is why at the end of the month they are not more noticeable in your wallet than other types of litter.

Eco litter is clumping, odor-binding and is very well accepted by most cats. The application is simple: the cleaned litter box is filled with the litter, after which you only have to remove the lumps and add some litter during daily cleaning. A bag of litter can last up to 60 days.

2. Silicate litter: Low dust and economical

Silicate litter looks a little different from common varieties, and is valued by many cat owners for its productivity, hygiene and low level of dust. This makes it particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. Due to its consistency, it absorbs large amounts of liquid.

Silicate litter is light, does not clump, and is available in coarser or finer granules. A disadvantage for owners of very nocturnal cats: It is quite loud when pawing. When cleaning the litter box, you only remove the manure with the shovel, the urine is to be sucked up by the balls, just like the smell. In between, the complete litter is exchanged.

3. Mineral cat litter: readily available, but dust-intensive

The classic cat litter has a big advantage for those who like to shop in between instead of ordering: Whether in the supermarket or in the drugstore, it is available almost everywhere and therefore very easy to buy.

Clumping mineral cat litter consists of mineral granules. It is light, but more often requires a complete cleaning of the litter box than the previously mentioned varieties. In between, you should always remove the lumps that have formed.

4. Cat litter with different fragrances

Many cat litter products are now also available with fragrances. The baby powder scent is particularly popular, but it is more for the owner than for the cat. This does make something of a clean, but less of a fragrant litter box.

Cat litter with fragrances is usually of a fine consistency, low odor and lumpy. Since it is quite difficult, it is particularly practical to order this litter.

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