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Safety for outdoorsers: Protection against fleas - Part 2

Part 1 was about different ways to protect your adventurous free-faller from fleas. But what if it happens, your cat scratches itself or you even spot one of the annoying parasites in its fur? Cats love to explore the world as a free lover - Image: Shutterstock / Anastasija Popova

First of all, there is the option of leaving the flea treatment to the veterinarian. He will examine the cat for parasites, give it spot-on drops or another preparation, depending on the severity of the infestation, give you post-treatment and instructions on how to treat the cat's surroundings.

With a little experience, you can also take control of the annoying parasites yourself. The first thing to do is to find out whether your cat really has fleas. A simple tool should quickly clarify:

Flea combs for the search for parasites

A flea comb is cheap and should be part of the basic equipment in every animal household. With his fine, close-fitting tines, he combs through the thick cat fur without missing anything. If you suspect fleas, examine the fur of your house tiger thoroughly for vermin and flea droppings that look like small black crumbs and turn brownish red when placed on damp kitchen paper.

Especially in the neck and on the back of the animal, you should find it if your cat has fleas. A spot-on preparation can help if the parasites stop growing. Thoroughly clean your pet's sleeping place, vacuum frequently, and wash textiles as hot as possible to quickly put an end to the parasite infestation.

Ambient spray for the apartment

An environmental spray should help to quickly and effectively free the apartment from uninvited guests such as fleas and other pests and to kill the flea larvae. It usually lasts for several months. You should discuss with your veterinarian whether the use of such a product is necessary and recommended in your case.

In the case of severe flea infestation, a combination of animal treatment, the environment and precaution against the new infestation is often recommended. So your house tiger should get rid of the common pests quickly.

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