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Advertorial: Paco's World: An almost perfect day - or how my wife got to know me

Advertorial: Paco's World: An almost perfect day - or how my wife got to know me

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Paco's World: An almost perfect day - or how my wife came across me

Hi Guys!

I had such a nice day today, I just have to tell you about it! It all started with the woman brushing my fur when I woke up. I like that so much! Especially when she makes long lines on my back. That's why I licked it from top to bottom. "Iiiieh, Paco !!!", she said and laughed out loud. She is my favorite person.

Then we went to the kitchen. There is a large table where the owner always eats and which I can easily get to when I stand on my hind legs.

Sometimes there are really delicious things. Like today, for example. There was sausage. But because I'm a decent Paco, I always stay on the floor. I don't want my mistress to empty my bowl. And it was full to the brim for breakfast. Delicious!

Look, my PetTec dog fountain!

Unfortunately, Mistress always has to go in the morning and comes back much later. Will she walk alone for so long? People are strange sometimes. After breakfast I was thirsty today. And unlike Skip from next door, I don't have to drink from such an old bowl! Because Mistress bought me a PetTec dog fountain. It's just great because the water always tastes fresh.

Treats in between

After that I played a little bit with my toys. I like the squeaky chicken best because it makes such funny noises. But at some point duty also calls, so I duly searched the whole apartment for people who don't belong here. After all, I have to be careful - especially if the owner is not there!

So much vigilance makes you hungry, of course. How lucky that my owner always fills my automatic feeder with dry food. She calls it our PetTec feeder.

I don't care what the thing is called, as long as it regularly provides me with goodies. When the clock in the living room rings twice, the little drawer opens and I can snack. I like that!

Caught with the PetTec Pet Cam

And then there's one thing I love about everything in the world. However, this is only possible when the owner is not there: sleeping on her bed. It is so wonderfully cozy and everything smells of her. Unfortunately, I'm actually not allowed on the bed. But what mistress doesn't know doesn't make them hot. So I took a really nice nap there this afternoon.

But suddenly I heard Fuchen's voice, which sounded very strict and said: "Paco, get off the bed!" Maybe I was scared and got up very quickly. I watched the whole apartment - but no mistress! How was that possible?

Finally the front door creaked and that can only mean one thing at this time: Mistress is back! This is the best time of day! I jumped towards her and she pushed me really hard. Then she asked: "Well, Paco? Was it comfortable on my bed?"

I was pretty embarrassed. How could she know about it? And how did her voice get into the bedroom? "Well, with our new PetTec Pet Cam, I now always know what you're doing, you cheeky badger! And I can even talk to you when I'm not there!"

She told me that this camera records me, can hear my sounds, she can hear everything on her cell phone and can answer. That would be it with a nap on the bed.

Finally walkies!

Fortunately, my mistress cannot be really angry with me and there was nothing standing in the way of our walk before dinner. I prefer to go to the park because I can meet my friends there and run around. I sniffed Skip from next door and Balu from across the street. The three of us always have a lot of fun on the dog meadow.

That's why I can hardly wait until my wife releases me. This can be done very quickly with the new collar and leash from PetTec, because there is a clip on it that the owner calls the Quick Connector. You just have to press it once and I can go while the other dogs have to wait.

A shaky day

In the evening, Mum and I watched this colorful picture box together. There were even other dogs there! And, exceptionally, I was also allowed on the sofa. Just a really nice day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Your Paco

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