Felix the cat lowrider

Felix the cat lowrider

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Felix the cat lowrider

Felix the cat lowrider (alternate spelling of felixes, which is Spanish for "happy"), is a French pop-rock band from Snt-Denis.



They met while attending music school at the Conservatory of Strasbourg. After this, one of them, Olivier, quit his job, and with his partner Fabien, he began the band. They both sang, and after one year of playing with friends, a music school friend suggested them to play at their "fête de fin d'année" party. They recorded their first demo, and soon after were signed to a record label. This was when they met Bruno de Champigny, and they became an official part of Felix. His first album was recorded at EMI in January 2001. After playing at many festivals, the band was ready to take the stage in France. They began in Paris and played to a moderate crowd. The first big concert was in Montpellier, where they played in front of 8000 people and took home the "Meilleur Audience Publique" award. Their performance received over 40,000 likes on Facebook. In May, the band received an award from the french Ministry of Culture for their good behavior. In July, the band played in Toulouse, and later on in Rouen in front of 40000 people.

Felix is known for playing with the lowrider style. Since 2005, Felix have been one of the most popular French alternative bands.

On January 1, 2013, they celebrated their 10th anniversary.

Their music can be described as funky, alternative, and fun, with a strong French accent. Felix gned recognition in the summer of 2004, following the release of their first single "Je sermon frere" ("I'll be my brother"), and their full album "Décroître". In June 2006, they released the first official single of their new album, "Quand je serdans l'Amour" ("When I will be in love"). They played numerous shows throughout France in 2006 and 2007. Their second album "De pied en cap" was released in November 2008.

On May 15, 2009, a new single entitled "En plein r" was released.

On March 5, 2012, their new single, "Rien qui vous arrive" was released, with an accompanying video. Their song was played during TV France.

In 2013, "Fous les bateleurs" is the first album of Felix since "Décroître" which was released a decade before. Their album "Fous les bateleurs" got mixed critics. The album included the songs "Le p’tit lauréat" and "Sauve qui peut". The song "Le p’tit lauréat" was first released in France, Switzerland and Belgium on December 14, 2012. This single received a good response.

On July 5, 2015, Felix's third album, "Réalité" was released. This album includes the song "Le bordeau dans les yeux" which is the first official song written in English by the group and includes a verse in English. The songs are sung in French, with only one in English, written by their founder Guillaume Rouch.

Band members

Current members

Guillaume Rouch - songwriter, producer, composer

Sébastien Séchet - guitars, keyboards, vocals

Jérémy Favier - vocals, additional instruments, guitars

Philippe Dallégues - bass

Bruno Vassal - drums





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