Boxer bitch Bella has no desire to help around the house

Boxer bitch Bella has no desire to help around the house

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Bellas did that Owner certainly presented differently than your boxer bitch asks to help with the laundry. The cute four-legged friend is really scared in front of it, as this little film shows easily.

Boxer bitch Bella definitely does not like housework: when her owner wants to persuade you to do the laundry, the funny dog ‚Äč‚Äčlady declines thanks. "Urr, neeee, let it go. I don't feel like it at all," could mean her pushing around. But as sweet and funny as Bella says "No", you can't be angry with her. And who likes to help around the house? Most children and some husbands tend not to. Well, let's be honest, housework is really a horror. There is a lot more exciting than loving laundry - you can understand men, children and dogs, right?

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