Blind cat: how to make everyday life easier for her

A blind cat can find its way around in everyday life even without their eyesight. Because even velvet paws with healthy cat eyes are largely based on their sense of touch, their hearing and their sense of smell. Nevertheless, you can make everyday life easier for a blind cat. A blind cat can have a beautiful, fulfilling life - Shutterstock / Aurelio Wieser

The sense of smell and touch as well as the hearing of blind cats are particularly sharpened, but your blind cat still needs a little help with orientation. For example, if the furniture suddenly stands differently than usual, this can unsettle your kitty. If your blind cat is used to free time, you can make everyday life easier for her.

A blind cat needs routine

Cats generally don't think much of change, but they can even be dangerous for a blind cat. For example, if you rearrange your apartment and suddenly there is a sofa or table where nothing was before, your velvet paw cannot know - and may bump into it. In addition, you shouldn't just pick up your fur nose and sit somewhere else; then she no longer knows where she is and becomes scared. Or it does not notice in time that it is in an elevated place and can fall down.

Make everyday life easier and more beautiful

Make your cat's everyday life easier by keeping their food bowl, litter box and cuddly basket in the same place at all times. Especially if your kitty still has to get used to her blindness and learn where to find her food, toilet and sleeping place, you can help her: Gently knock on the floor with a stick in front of your cat so that she can hear the sound can follow. In this way, guide them to the important stations in your apartment and knock again on the bowl, the toilet or the basket.

A blind cat also likes to play, especially if the toy smells exciting or makes interesting noises. You can easily make your own toys, for example a rustling paper ball. A toy ball with treats or catnip in it also gives your room tiger joy. If you want to pet your blind cat, let them sniff your hand first and talk to them gently and gently. Then she knows what to expect and is not so scared.

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When a free-sighter goes blind

Housing is recommended for a blind cat. But what to do if free-fallers go blind, for whom a stay in the great outdoors is part of everyday life? In this case, secure access is a good compromise between freedom and security. Fence your garden well and carefully cover the garden pond, rain barrel and other sources of danger. To be on the safe side, keep your cat company on their outings - so you can help them quickly if something should happen.

Regularly to the vet

A blind cat should visit the veterinarian as regularly as possible so that they can respond in good time and help if their condition worsens or secondary diseases arise. Some diseases that have caused blindness, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, also need permanent treatment.

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    MegumiAkita: I also have a tie hangover. Adopted him as one-eyed, but he's actually blind and never noticed, so he finds his way around. Would never give it up, it's worth gold. So affectionate, playful, cuddly, funny and lovely, gets along with my cat and the dogs and hardly needs any help. Fascinating how cats can deal with blindness. Report abuse
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