Have cats X-rayed: when is it necessary?

X-rays can also be used to treat cats. The examination helps the veterinarian make the correct diagnosis in the event of injuries or a disease of the velvet paw. In the guide you will find out when the investigation is useful. Sometimes only an X-ray examination can show what the cat is missing - Shutterstock / Deyan Georgiev

X-ray is an imaging process in which the various tissues of the Miez are made visible as a two-dimensional silhouette. Bones and joints in particular, but also organs in cats, can be depicted very well.

Cats are often X-rayed for injuries or breaks

As a rule, the veterinarian must have X-rays taken if the doctor suspects that the animal is injured, such as on bones or joints. X-rays are often followed by an orthopedic examination to determine, for example, whether a broken bone has healed properly. X-rays are also necessary for joint problems, signs of wear or malpositions, and changes in the skeleton.

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Detect internal injuries from the X-ray

In addition to diagnoses relating to bones and joints, an X-ray also provides information about a possible change in the position of organs, for example in terms of size and shape. Veterinarians can also make internal illnesses or injuries, including bleeding, visible by X-raying cats. The imaging procedure also helps the doctor to identify tumor diseases, constipation of the intestine, pulmonary edema or inflammation, calcium deposits or cysts in pets.

Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication for X-rays is the detection of foreign bodies inside cats. If the kitty swallows a small toy or the like, the veterinarian can localize the foreign body. In the case of objects that are difficult to recognize, such as a rubber band, the use of contrast medium administered can support the examination.

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