Traveling by train with your dog: Tips for a pleasant journey

For many people who do not have a car, a train trip with a dog is a good alternative. But even for car owners, a train journey with the beloved four-legged friend can be much more relaxed and comfortable than traveling in your own car. Here are a few tips to make the journey with your pet on the train as smooth as possible. Book a train trip with your dog: prices and regulations - Photo: Shutterstock / Javier Brosch

Small dog owners in particular will be delighted: their pets travel free of charge on the Deutsche Bahn, provided that they are accommodated in a transport box during the journey. This must not exceed the size of a travel bag.

Train travel with dog: prices and booking

If your dog is larger than a house cat and does not fit in such a transport box, you usually have to pay half the fare for the four-legged friend at Deutsche Bahn. With country tickets or Happy Weekend tickets, you pay for your dog as much as for an adult. Seat reservations for dogs are excluded.

If your train journey is going abroad, the best thing to do is to ask at the counter whether you can easily take your dog with you. For example, you cannot enter Italy on the train with large dogs. Otherwise you usually pay half the price for a 2nd class ticket for your animal companion. Guide dogs and other assistance dogs as well as small four-legged friends are usually allowed to ride free of charge here as well.

Take a dog on the train: costs and tips for the trip

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Preparations for the train trip with a dog

Remember to take your dog for a walk before you start driving. If you are going on a long train journey with a dog, the last meal of the four-legged friend should be about 12 hours ago. This reduces the risk that your dog will have to relieve himself on the train. Pack a water bowl and a few treats as well as the dog blanket for the trip. Reward your dog if it behaves calmly.

For larger dogs, for which you have to buy a ticket, the Deutsche Bahn requires muzzle and leash on the train. The only exceptions are guide dogs and assistance dogs. Please also note that your four-legged friend is not entitled to a seat and must be vacated for two-legged friends if necessary. If you book a seat in a compartment, your dog will have to endure less through traffic.

Traveling by train with a dog: This makes the trip stress-free

Of course, the beloved four-legged friend should not be missing on a trip. Train travel with a dog is included ...

Busy dog ​​during the train journey: tips

If you have used your dog well before the trip, you do not need to keep him busy during the train journey. It is important that he can relax. It is helpful if he can lie on his favorite blanket - the familiar smell has a calming effect. If you also remain calm and relaxed throughout the journey, this also affects your fur nose. You can also take something to chew for your dog, for example a chewing bone. So your four-legged friend is at least a little busy.

For longer train journeys, you should rather look for a connection where you have to change trains a few times and have plenty of time for it. Then you can take a break with your dog during the breaks and play a little with him. But do not do anything too exciting so that he can relax again on the way on.

What to do if an accident happens on the train journey?

Unfortunately, mishaps cannot be completely ruled out. It may happen that your dog piles up on the train or leaves a puddle. In this case, you should arm yourself with an emergency cleaning kit. Put the following in your pocket:

● kitchen paper
● Wet wipes
● plastic bags
● Room spray

If a small mishap happens to your animal travel companion, apologize to the other passengers and clean up the legacies without comment. Don't scold your dog - he didn't do it on purpose.

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