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Puppy Buck no longer understands the world

Puppy Buck no longer understands the world

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"Well, what's going on now?" Puppy Buck goes completely crazy when he has hiccups for the first time in his life. You must have seen this cute little guy!

"So now I really don't understand the world anymore!" The handsome Buck is only eight weeks old when he realizes that he still has a lot to learn in life - for example what hiccups are. He doesn't have to explain that he finds this quite exciting: his confused look and his barking speak volumes.

The little four-legged friend, by the way, belongs to a special and rare breed of dog: the Australian Cattle Dog. Representatives of this type are not only characterized by their high level of intelligence, but also by a peculiarity of their fur color: puppies are born with a white color and badge and only develop their actual color (red speckled, blue, blue speckled or blue spotted), when they are a few weeks old.

Australian Cattle Dog: A brilliant workhorse

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