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Shih Tzu: You have to pay attention to that in your upbringing

Raising a Shih Tzu is not easy. The dog breed is considered cuddly, fond of children and playful - but these dogs are also dominant and freedom-loving. You should therefore pay attention to a few special features in the upbringing of little rascals. Shih Tzu: Consistency is an important point in education - Image: Shutterstock / chaoss

When raising a Shih Tzu, it is important that you hold the reins firmly in your hand. The little cheeky badger is a fluffy lap dog that enjoys the tenderness of its owner, but also tries to assert himself from time to time and to play the boss.

Through his attention and intelligence, the Shih Tzu learns very quickly. The great self-confidence of this dog breed makes it particularly important that he does not learn the wrong thing: the four-legged friend watches you and your behavior towards him right from the start. If you show yourself inconsistent when raising this animal, you will quickly no longer take it seriously. The cute dog knows exactly what he wants and likes to demonstrate that he also needs his freedom and is independent - that your commands are more important than his own plans, should he be made clear from the start.

Shih Tzu: Small dog with a lot of care

The Shih Tzu has its methods to achieve what it wants to do. He doesn't mess with his owner, but this breed of dog is known for using little tricks. Representatives of this type like to try jumping up, begging or whining to get to their destination. Practice from the beginning not to let yourself be influenced by it.

However, the little four-legged friends are not aggressive, but love the care of the people. They are usually reserved and friendly towards other dogs - only dogs of this breed like to show their dominance. Visits to the dog school solidify the good social behavior of the dog and ensure that it learns to deal with four-legged friends of various sizes and with different characteristics.