Man's best friend: why are dogs so loyal?

Man's best friend: why are dogs so loyal?

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The dog is often referred to as man's best friend, but why are dogs so loyal? One reason: They are pack animals and instinctively develop a close bond with their caregivers. Dogs are extremely loyal to "their" people. Shutterstock / FCSCAFEINE

When it comes to why dogs are so loyal, there are several ways to answer them. On the one hand, dogs are pack animals and see humans as direct members of their family. On the other hand, the dog is a very sensitive animal in itself and shows clear signs of empathy.

The pack as a reference group for the dog

Loyalty within a pack is an survival instinct in the wild. But the question of a dog's loyalty cannot be answered that easily. The role as a "feed dispenser" and "pack leader" alone is probably not the reason for the joy that dogs show when "their" person comes home.

Strengthen bond with the dog: This way he loves you even more

A strong bond with the dog is not only something wonderful, it also makes it easier to work together ...

Dogs are loving animals

Rather, various studies have already shown in the past that dogs not only react very clearly empathically to human behavior, but can also communicate with them to a certain extent. They understand verbal and physical gestures and are able to interpret them correctly. On the other hand, people showed the ability to "read" their four-legged friend's behavior and bell signs. This ability to communicate with one another is considered by many studies to be one of the main bases to answer the question of why dogs are so loyal.


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