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Cats Shorty and Kodi disturb their owner when reading

There is nothing better than making yourself comfortable on the sofa with an exciting book at home. At least that's what Rob thinks, the "dad" of the famous Internet cats Shorty and Kodi. But he did the math without his cheeky fur noses ...

"Well, what is my master doing there?", The black fluffy cat Shorty seems to think when she discovers Rob reading on the sofa. "It looks so relaxed - I feel like cuddling," she decides, and crawls on his lap.

First Rob tries to scratch Shorty and read at the same time. But the sweet fur nose demands his undivided attention: she nudges him gently but firmly, with her paw, ruffles his face with his tail or just looks at him so sweetly that he can't help but take the book aside to lay.

At some point Rob falls asleep with Shorty on his lap. In the end, however, he tries again to read on and at the same time pay due attention to his two velvet paws. Kodi seems to agree. And shorty? In the end she is also satisfied and takes a nap on her lap.

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