Simply crazy! This cat looks like a human

The internet has a new star: everyone is talking about main coon kitten Valkyrie - for a reason. The velvet paw has a human face!

Is it because of their eyes or maybe because of the shape of their heads? The fact is: the two-month-old Main-Coon-Kitten Valkyrie somehow has human traits. Her owner Tatiana Rastorgueva immediately noticed this and directly shared a video of the extraordinary kitten on the social network.

Animal lovers have fallen in love with Valkyrie's sugar-sweet face. The kitten and his siblings are already looking forward to 46,000 followers on Instagram, and the trend is rising.

Among the cute snapshots of the mini-parlor tiger are comments such as "I love this cat, great look" or "My dream cat". Admittedly, we too are completely in love with Valkyrie's cute face!

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