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To melt away: woman surprised by animal admirers

To melt away: woman surprised by animal admirers

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Rosie from Great Britain regularly finds pink flowers on her terrace. The woman thinks nothing of it until one day she finds out where the flowers actually come from.

In any case, Rosie hadn't counted on an animal admirer. An attentive neighbor cat named Willow puts her flowers on the terrace every day. The British woman told the portal "LoveMeow" that she first thought that the flowers had reached her terrace by the wind.

Rosie finally saw that this was not the case when one day the cuddly Willow put a flower on the terrace in front of her eyes. The woman quickly reached for the camera and filmed this sweet moment.

"LoveMeow" she explained: "I was so excited that I had to film it. She was so cute and I have never seen a cat before that brings anything other than dead animals. She likes us because she gets the flowers from the Steals her owner's garden and places her on our terrace. It took ten flowers to realize that it was Willow. "

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