Adopting a senior cat: 5 good reasons

Would you like to give a fur nose a loving home? Then adopt a senior cat. Here are five wonderful reasons to take an older kitty with you. This senior cat likes to be comfortable and take it easy - Shutterstock / John E Heintz Jr

Not only kittens are cute, playful, purring and easy to cuddle - a senior cat also has all the great features that cat lovers love.

1. Older cats have a strong character

Little kittens have a lot to learn and are usually quite volatile. Her personality is not yet fully developed and her attention span is rather small. If you adopt a senior cat, you will gain a stable family member. You get the chance to get to know an individual cat personality with all its lovable idiosyncrasies.

2. Senior cat is calmer than a kitten

Older fur noses are not as easily disturbed as kittens. While a young cat or kitten still has a lot of jokes in its head and would like to romp, play and do nonsense all day, a senior cat prefers to doze comfortably in its warm favorite place; maybe even on your lap.

You do not have to worry about your interior as cat seniors do not care much about using your sofa, wallpaper or carpet as a scratching post. They have usually learned in the course of their lives how to use the right cat tree for their claws. In addition, older velvet paws are already house-trained and are usually familiar with the usual rules of politeness when dealing with us humans.

3. Also cat opis and grannies like to learn

However, this does not mean that a senior cat has already finished learning. Older house tigers are also curious and love to try their heads. If you adopt an aged kitty, you may not be able to teach her acrobatic tricks anymore, but she's definitely available for sophisticated intelligence games. Boredom does not arise with the cat opis and omis, even if they are no longer such whirlwinds as when they were young.

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4. Adopt a senior cat: you know what you have

With a baby cat, you never know for sure how it will develop. A senior cat, however, is what it is. For example, if you adopt a cuddly, trusting older cat, it will stay that way. The same applies to a shy, reserved cat of older semesters who prefers to look at the events from a distance.

You can therefore choose your new family member in a way that best suits you and your own character. In addition, you don't have to try out which litter or food you prefer for older cats. They have already made their decisions there and know exactly what they want.

5. Good for karma: Cats senior have a nice retirement

Finally, adopting a senior cat is also a good deed. In the animal shelter, it is usually not easy for them to prevail against the cute kittens. They often stay in the home for a long time before they find their own family and get the love they deserve.

If you adopt such a lonely velvet paw, you can be sure of your gratitude. With cozy hours of cuddling in front of the TV or relaxed socializing while reading or working, she will show her affection. In addition, a space is then vacated in the animal shelter to help other fur noses in need.

In the video you can see these and other reasons to adopt a senior cat: