Grooming tips from cozy Ragdoll tomcat Timo

Grooming tips from cozy Ragdoll tomcat Timo

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Timo, the Ragdoll tomcat is not only a professional when it comes to relaxation, he also knows exactly what a fluffy cuddly cat fur needs to stay soft and fluffy. Therefore, in the video he gives a few fur care tips for his fellow species. The first thing he does is start with his head and use his paws as a washcloth. Of course, you can also use the tap to clean your head. Then it is the turn of the ears that can be folded down to better clean the inside.

With the teeth, the dirt can be wonderfully spilled out from under the claws and if a cat makes its hind paws very long and holds it with the front paws, it can easily clean its toes. To clean the puffy tail, the cat tongue is used, which thanks to its rough surface is a great cleaning rag. The tongue is the cleaning utensil of choice for the back, stomach and cat's bottom.

Despite everything, it is a good idea to accept help from long-term cats like Timo, especially when it comes to grooming, from your favorite people. Regular brushing keeps the fur shiny and fluffy. Finally, Ragdoll tomcat Timo gives tips on dental care. For example, you can bite on a piece of cardboard to brush your teeth a little. Voilà! The cute fluffy hangover is clean and well-groomed from head to paw.

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