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Ragdoll tomcat Timo longs for his Holden

Ragdoll tomcat Timo has lost his heart! His chosen one is a pretty, white-spotted tabby cat from the neighborhood who comes to visit every now and then - as in this video. But - oh! - The garden of Timo's favorite people is surrounded by a high wall. Timo cannot see his Holden and has to sneak at her from afar.

Will there be a happy ending for Ragdoll tomcat Timo and his beloved? The neighboring cat is still very shy and doesn't dare to jump into the garden with Timo. As soon as Timo's owner gets too close, she runs away. But who knows? Maybe one day she will take a heart and put an end to Timo's longing. Then the two cats could show their love with noses and heads.

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