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Cat makes in flower pot: how to wean off?

Cat makes in flower pot: how to wean off?

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Does your cat like to use one or the other flowerpot as a litter box? For most house tigers, the cool, soft earth is simply too tempting - some are content to take a nap in it, others pee in it or bury their piles in the potting soil. What helps? "It can be endured here in the flowerpot," says this red fluffy kitten - Shutterstock / Nykonchuk Oleksii

If you want to stop your cat from peeing in the flowerpot, you are facing a major challenge. The fur noses love to bury their legacies in the soft potting soil. Once you have set your fragrance brand, you will continue to consider the flowerpot as a legitimate toilet replacement. The following tips will help you protect your potted plants.

Make the flower pot unattractive for cats

One possibility is to spoil your cat's walk to the flower pot for her business and at the same time make it easier to go to the litter box. There are certain scents that cats can't stand, especially the smell of citrus. So you can try spraying lemon scent spray around your plants so your kitty will wrinkle your fur nose as soon as it approaches a flowerpot. Lemon or orange peels on the potting soil can also help, but should be replaced regularly so that they don't go moldy.

If your potted plant smells of cat urine, you should thoroughly rinse the flowerpot and its contents in the bathtub or outside with the garden hose and then renew the potting soil. In addition, check whether everything is in order when it comes to litter boxes. Does your cat like the litter? Is the toilet easily accessible and are there enough toilets for every velvet paw in the household? Do you clean the litter box often enough? If these points are not fulfilled, you can not blame your kitty that she prefers to do her business in the flowerpot.

Cat does not go to the litter box: is it due to the litter?

If the cat suddenly stops going to the litter box, there can be a variety of reasons ...

Protect plants from your cat: more tips

If you don't manage to stop your cat from peeing in the flowerpot this way, you should at least protect your plants. The most effective would be to make them unreachable for your velvet paw - for example, by using hanging pots for the flowers. However, this is not possible, especially with larger plants. In this case, you can try covering the potting soil so that your cat no longer enjoys jumping into the pot.

Pine cones, large stones or pottery shards all around the plant, for example, prevent many cats from using the flower pot as a loo. You can also spread cellophane or aluminum foil over the potting soil or cover it with a plastic bag. Many fur noses find it uncomfortable to put their velvet paws on aluminum foil or plastic. Other possibilities are a fly screen cover or a "protective wall" made of chain link fence around the pot.


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